May 4 Billionaire Project

Hey Krazies -

So tonite I caught up and will be posting 3 projects throughout the day. These are PHOTOS ONLY.  Mostly because Billionaire is a lite cartridge and does not have a binder project and Basketball a seasonal cartridge so it also does not have a binder project.  The 3rd project is from Destinations cartridge but is not the binder project.  It is actually a housewarming gift for my daughters that just got an apartment today from Christie.

Billionaire - what a weird cartridge. Why did I buy it? For the monopoly looking man? I just don't know.  So because I have ZERO creativity I just did cuts. Lame I know.  :(  I just couldn't figure out how to make a card and incorporate the cuts from it.  Someone, anyone, please, send me a Billion Dollars (I'll accept paypal) so I can be truly inspired to present a worthy project from this cartridge.  So uhm... yeah - here ya go.

The car turned out cool but I want to turn your attention to Mr. Monopoly guy.  He was cut at 5 1/2" As was his shadow his hat band AND the bow tie.  The hat band had to have about 1" cut off cause it was too long and the bow tie....well...... I left it as it cut because, seeing is believing. Don't try this at home, or unsupervised. The bow tie cut the same regardless if Real Dial was on or off.  Big snafu huh Cricut?

My name is the font that is on the cartridge and well.......there ya have it.

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. I like this project!

  2. I love the font on this cart. That is why I bought it.

  3. Great Project!!So manly...LOL....My favorite is the car!!TFS

  4. how very interesting about the sizing!
    thanks for showing us 'real' cuts.

  5. I have this one but never used it. I like the font. I got it from cricut Rewards!

    Tangee, you are really inspiring me to start using my Cricut and carts more! Keep up the good work!

  6. I almost got this cart and was not sure what I would use it for!! I really do love the font and the car cut!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama

  7. Love these cuts! I did get this cartridge off cricut.com with my rewards points! Just for the monopoly man!

  8. Wow, that is a mega bow on Monolopy guy.

  9. I think he's cute. I made a make your own monopoly game for our family Christmas gift a few years back. I could have used him on that project. Time to update the board so maybe I'll look into that cart.

  10. I hummed and hawwed about getting this cart, too, but I finally got it thru Rewards. Can't beat that!! And. . . it's adorable. Love it.

    Your card is super cute!! Yeh, def. a snafu on PC's part for the tie. What's up w/ that?? It shows a teenyier one in the pix.


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