May 16 Special Project!

Hey Krazies - boy do I have a treat for you today!  I made wine glass candle's!  They are so easy it's scary!

The first one was actually step by step instructions from a Stamp of the Month Club I belong to. The rest are all my own.  Just imagine what you can do with these!  Themes to match rooms, nursery, kitchen, etc.

First I traced the template onto Vellum  You can use this once on 8.5 x 11, or twice on 12x12.  I then stamped the leaves randomly on the vellum and let it dry. Then I masked (first time ever masking yay me!) the lil thingies all over.  Then I made the band around the middle with coordinating paper.  Tied a ribbon around, made the tiny bow with a fork (if you don't know this trick, just google bow with fork) super easy stuff.  Oh and when I tied the ribbon around the shade I actually slipped that "Faith" charm through it.  I then put a battery operated tea light (8 dollars at Michaels for a dozen of them using coupon) and it was done.

After that I looked all through my papers for any fun vellum paper I had on hand and found quite a bit (surprise surprise) so I made these a little while ago.

you can embellish these with anything at all.  One lamp you don't see is a butterfly lamp that I actually punched tiny holes in each of the scallops and it turned out super cute. But one of my kids fell in love and had to have it so that's gone LOL.  These will cost about 2 dollars each (maybe less) if you pick up the wine glasses at the dollar store.  Use a coupon on the tea lights and you probably have vellum on hand.

Click on this photo <<----- until it you have it larger. Then right click and save it.  Print it out (use cardstock if you can) and this will be your template.  You can then put a sheet of vellum right over top and trace it.  Be sure if you have pattern vellum that you trace in pencil and on the BACK side.  Carefully cut it out.  I used my glue gun to go down the 3.5 inch side and overlapped the other side to it.  There you have it - a lamp shade!  Decorate however you want and put the lite inside and you are done.  I highly recommend you use the battery operated lamps - NOT real candles as the lampshade is higher than the wine glass (you can see it in the yellow one above)

When you are done - PLEASE send me a photo - I'd love to see your creations!

Enjoy your day!

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. These are adorable. They would also be great as decorations on tables at dinner or if they were decorated fancy, maybe even a wedding. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG!This is My favorite so far!!!Love the other projects,trust me I do but this one just blew my mind away!!!Thanks Tangee!Great Idea.TFS

  3. Holey Toledo! That is just the cutest project!! I never even knew battery operated tea lights existed. I guess that's what happens when one lives under a rock! :-)

    TFS those cuties. Love 'em!! :-)

  4. I love these. I am going to tell all my crafty friends about this idea. I have so many uses for this. Thanks!

  5. These are so darn cute!
    they will look very cool out on the deck this summer!
    Thanks for the inspiration Tangee!

  6. these would be nice at a wedding...


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