May 15 Calligraphy Binder Project

We are at the halfway mark - I hope you guys are enjoying the activity here at Kricut Krazy!

Today we have the Calligraphy Cartridge and the oh so easy project in the binder.  The only complication I had was the letters are very thin and you have to be careful glueing and laying them down.  This was just three cuts. The frame, the phrase "You're the best" and the leaves.  Super easy, super quick.

Just want to remind everyone that all the projects you see this month will be up for grabs on June 1st.  To qualify all you have to do is simply leave a comment on each of the projects (posts) this month.  If this is the first post you've seen, no problem - just go back to the start of the month (Use  archive drop down on left and choose May) and check out the previous posts. Leave a comment and there you have it! ONE chance at winning the entire 31 items.  The more comments you leave, the more chances you have.  (1 comment per post) You can double your chances by leaving comments on the corresponding video's. (about half the posts have videos)  Just check them out on You Tube  (click on the link and you will be at my channel)

Finally - if you have any questions or private comments or just want to say hi - you can now reach me here.

Tomorrow I have a special treat for you so be sure to come back!

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Have always thought of doing binder projects. Now I can live vicariously thru you! :-) TFS!

  2. Hi Tangee!I've had the issue with gluing the letters because it is so small.Did not finish my project because of it but will try again.TFS..Like the Tocu you put on your Cricut also,the letters look great!

  3. Loving the stuff you're getting done. I've got 3 to go :)

  4. Very cute! love the colors!

  5. Love all the projects. Such cute ideas.

  6. Very nice! This is really a great idea that you are doing! Christina

  7. I like this project, but don't have the Calligraphy cart. I'll check it out.


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