May 17th Post Beyond Birthdays Binder Project

Here ya go ladies and gents - straight from Christie Anderson to my mailbox, to you.  Sorry for it being late - it's all her fault! :)

Christie says: We didn't have the Cricut paper to match this project so I had some paper that we felt would be sufficient.  The "candle tops" were colored in and Perfect Pearls was used for the "fire" and colored with yellow marker once it dried.  Easy peasy peanut butter pie!  The only complaint I have is that the sizing was off, but I've experienced that often.

I think this is super cute!  Christie does some awesome work,
she is very meticulous and careful unlike me. I like to just slop crap together as evidenced in my projects.  I started tagging Christies projects today so you can see which ones are hers.  I know I joke a lot about her but she is a dear sweet friend who has a lot going on in her life right now.  I have the benefit of being home looking for jobs all day and some time to squeeze in a project or three - she does hers at 1am when her boys (husband and son) are asleep and her world is quiet.  I do appreciate her ever so much!

See you tomorrow with another project. Please remember - the more comments you leave on all the projects for May - the more chances you have to win every single binder project we showcase this month!

Happy Crafting my Krazies!

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. very cute..love the colors you selected..very fun.

  2. Christie's project turned out very cute. Love the flames.
    I appreciate the time you both put into this - the blog upkeep - the craft creating - the comment reading - and keeping up with what's going on in the blogging world. Thank you Tangee and Christie.

  3. Love the butterfly card ..very nice colours !!

  4. Christie, your rendition is even cuter than the binder project itself. :-) Love how you added Perfect Pearls to the flames. Super cute! TFS!

    Now I have to find me some Perfect Pearls! You li'l enabler, you!!! ;-)

  5. Oh!Love it!Love this Bday card!It's probably for me....since my Bday is next mont..LOL!
    Loev what you used for the fire on the candle.Great idea!Love it!

  6. Very cute, I would be very excited to recieve a card like this on my birthday, Sunday.

  7. Wow this is very cool! Christina


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