Update on Kricut Krazy

Hey Krazies!

I am SO sorry we haven't had much posted lately but as with all of you, life is very hectic. I don't know how some of you post things on your blog every single day. I always have good intentions but then reality intervenes and you know how it goes.

Tammy is having a very rough time. Her husband is ill and needs Emergency Surgery but there are complications with the VA and doctors and blah blah. The good news is that Military Retirement Insurance will take care of him, and normally they take very good care of retiree's but there is a glitch in this case. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  Additionally Tammy's 2yo is having a few normal 2yo health issues (ear infections, crankiness, terrible 2's) and she is completely overwhelmed and I don't have the heart to ask her to post anything.

We briefly discussed grabbing our craft supplies and running away but you know they (family) will find us so what's the point. Sigh...

I on the other hand have no valid excuse except work and family.  I'm just writing to ask that you keep coming back. We will be posting again as soon as possible - Kricut Krazy is here to stay :)

Here is a Flutter Bee I made with the Botanical's cart a coupla months ago and forgot to post.  Just a simple lil card using paper from various DCWV pads.

Right now I'm working on Wall Art for work. I'm making a huge banner that says "We Are Hampton!" and everyone's names under it in various fonts and colors.

What are you working on?  Share with us and you may just win some blog candy.

Hugs & Chirps!


  1. This weekend I am working on my blog hop project, some videos and posts for my blog, and some simple nature journals for the dc kids. Busy busy!

  2. Don't worry about not posting. Family always comes first and everyone understands!
    I am working on a "Vintage" project, which is hard because I've never made anything with a vintage look.
    Thanks for checking in and I hope all goes well for you both! Take care!

  3. It is VERY hard to post everyday..or even every other day! I just started my blog and am TRYING to keep up but with school ending over here, it has been crazy!!

    I am working on 2 separate baby shower invitations & favors! I cleaned my craft area today so now I will be ready to craft tomorrow & Monday!

    Hope everything goes OK for Tammy's family...

  4. So happy you checked in Tangee! I'm glad you're doing ok, but so sorry that Tammy is having so many bumps at the same time. Mom's are tough, and she'll be ok! We'll be here whenever you're able to post stuff :) I <3 KK!!

  5. I don't know how people manage to post every day either! We aren't going anywhere! I am working on a mini album for my grandma's birthday!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I'll play devil's advocate, it's about time you post SOMETHING over here. Geez! Hugs, I am just kidding. Prayers and well wishes to both you and Tammy for all that life this throwing at you. I am currently playing with stamps to get to be better at stamping.

    Marianne S.

  7. Im working on trying to get more supplies!!!
    Making a few Thank you Cards!!
    Also WORK!! LOL

  8. Tangee, please give a hug to Tammy for me -- for what she's goin' thru!

    I haven't been bloggin' much lately, so your not posting has worked out fine w/ me. I always like to come here for my Krikut Krazy fix, tho. :-)

    I'm happy for you that your followers are no longer 666. :-)

  9. I sure hope everything goes ok for Tammy's hubby and little one. I love your card and I wouldn't worry about posting everyday. We all have our ups and downs. I have been working on a banner for my niece's graduation party. They grow up way to fast! :)
    Take care!

  10. I hope today brings you better news.
    I have spent all day prepping for a class I teach for some lovely senior women.
    take care!

  11. Just got back around to checking your blog again. I'm currently working on magnets, calling cards, a Tshirt, and sign for the next Cricut Circle swarm. I'm also creating an album just for my calling cards - and (gasp) it involves a sewing machine!

  12. I've got lots of projects in the works - in my mind! LoL. Cards, banners, scrapbook layouts, blog updates... so much I want to do, but no time to do any of it. I'm hoping to get into my scrap room tonight and make a card (or two) and possibly a layout. Here's to hoping!

    ~ JD ~


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