Sarah the blog Queen!

Yesterday I was trying to do some cleaning up of the blog and the next thing I knew the header was gone!  I emailed my blog design guru Sarah with a HELP ME! in the subject line. She responded that she was super busy, holiday weekend, daughter graduating from pre-school and way too much to do but she would take care of it when she could. This morning I wake up and waaalaaa it's fixed.

Can I just say I LOVE HER!  Thank you Sarah!

Still waiting for the winner of the Best of Pixar cart to contact me!!

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Tangee, I would love to help you out and take the cartridge off your hands for you. I"ve been wanting that cartridge for several layouts I have planned.
    papermemories4u @ yahoo .com

  2. I also second that. I am more than willing to help you out and take that cart off your hands. :)

  3. LOL! Tangee! You are so silly! and you are welcome! :) Always a pleasure working with you!


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