Crafty Finds at Joann's,Ollies and a few LSS

While looking around Joanns today I found a magazine called Paper Craft Inspirations.  I'm not sure if it's related to our Paper Crafts magazine here in the US but I can tell you that it was quite nifty!  Excellent ideas and it game with a free gift which was a little booklet of Decoupage projects.  I tried one - see photo - blah.  The magazine itself is pretty awesome and has inspired me to play with cards more than I do.  I'm in for a very busy few days (Cleaning back of basement, demoing Toy Story 3 at Best Buy on Saturday and Demoing YuDu at Michaels on Sunday)  Not much play time the next few days :(

 This was another UK magazine I found called Cardmaking and Papercraft.  It came with those free rubber stamps you see on the left.  I'm not a fan of Rubber Stamping, probably because I never really took the time to learn how to do it properly.  Altho I have a few stamps and I have some fun inks, I can't figure out how to get the different colors, etc.  So I never paid it much attention.  There are some beautiful cards in this magazine and tons of ideas focusing on Summer.  Both of these magazines had a lot of stamping in them, but I figure I can do something on my Cricut to replace the stamp or just print out a graphic.  We'll see.

 I love Big Lots and Ollies. It's always hit or miss but when you get lucky you can pick up some really cool fun stuff for very affordable prices.  Here are 3 random kits I picked up that were 1.29 each.  They are stamps that have adhesive on both sides so you can glitter them or foil them or use flocking. Looks like a fun lil messy project to try out on a rainy day.

While running around we (my cricut buddy Kristen and her mom Karen who is my bestie and has been for oh....20 something years) went into a Joann's and wow they are having a massive sale!  Cricut Cartridges for 39.99 (too much for me, I'm a 20.00 ebay girl) but lots of die cutting supplies (including cricut) for 40% off and 12x12 paper 5 for a buck (I picked up 3 bucks worth) and I got a nifty pair of Fiskars tweezers for 2.99.   They also have mega paper packs for 40% off and a lot of deals on other stuff. Everything the 3 of us bought was on sale - even the magazines were 10% off :)

So there was my day - the crafty part today.  Kristen went to get her marriage license as she's gettin hitched in July (yaaay!) We visited the venue which is GORGEOUS where her wedding and reception are and we were supposed to figure out a cake situation cause the original one didn't pan out. But we never made it that far LOL. 

What did you do today? Tell me about a craft find or project you worked on. Would love to hear from you!
                                                                                                  Kristen            &      Karen

Oh, neat little website I found in one of the UK magazines is called Card Making with Crafts You Print.  Take a peek and see if it's something you like. I haven't looked around a lot but it looks impressive from what I did see.

hugs and such!

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  1. Great finds! I'll post tomorrow all my latest bargains !!!


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