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Treat bags with my friend Karen

I had a procedure on my back on Monday and while it was easier than I thought, it put me behind a few days.  I mentioned on FB that I needed to do 50 bags for a staff party on Halloween and I didn't know if I could sit that long yet.  So my high school buddy Karen said "I'll come over after work, lets play!  True to her word, she showed up and we pounded these out in about 2 hours give or take.  That included a dinner break.   She was so proud of herself, she has zero cutting experience, machine or otherwise.  I was so happy for her.  We loaded up 2 bags per Mat and set it for 26 mats.  She folded and glued them all.
 The frankenstein was for her step-son and was full of m&m's.  Our original idea was to make 50 of those.  Uhm... NO.  Too much glue.   So while she assembled bags, I cut the tags for the front.  After the bags were assembled I filled them with treats while she ran the lil tags thru the zyron to get glue on them. She was so excited about how easy it wa…

Scoring with the Cricut Explore!

So, one of the cool new things is the ability to score and cut at the same time.  I'm finding myself needing the score ability quite frequently.  You should see me trying to hand score something - I'm never 100% accurate.... like ever.  So here is the handy dandy score tool by Cricut.

 So Yesterday I needed to make about 50 treat bags for a staff party at work on Halloween.  The first couple of bags I scored by hand. Oh... bad idea. They were crooked.  So I'm eyeballing the score tool holder thingy.  I had ordered one via amazon but it wouldn't be in until the next day, Me? Wait? NAH!  So I'm looking around my tool drawer and I find this embosser I bought many moons ago to use with Brass Stencils.  I put it in and shut the clamp thingy and away we go!  Y'all!!!!!!!! It worked.  Holy cow it worked.  You can see the score mark below.  How exciting is that!?

Today I get home from work and my new score tool is waiting for me.  Except I left it in the package. For …

Second Project using Cricut Explore

Hello Krazies!

Today I got to play with the Explore for a bit.  Of course first I HAD to straighten up my craft area and that took a coons age.

I wanted to do a few Vinyl projects but decided to try another 'free' project.  Once I get the hang of this, I'll start doing cricut cartridge projects again except I'll use the explore.  Fun Stuff.

I have my back procedure tomorrow, if all goes well I'll play a lil more the next day or two and of course post my results/findings/failures.  You know, if it has more than one step, glue, glitter or ink, I WILL screw it up.  But every once in a blue moon, I'll get it right LOL.

I went to the project library and chose a cute Thank you card.  "Floral Thank you Card"  it has a lot of teeny cuts and uses the pen as well so I wanted to see it all come together.

You use the mat twice, once for the bottom layer (just a mat) and the 2nd for the fun cutting and writing.  As you can see, I had trouble getting it off the ma…

Cricut Explore - My first impression.


So, on Tuesday my Explore arrived.  I bought it through Amazon (oh how I love Prime and 2 day shipping)!  It arrived exactly 5 minutes before I was leaving for a doctors appointment which bummed me out.  I didn't even get to open the box.

After the doctors, hubby and I were having lunch and I broke the news to him.  "Babe? Ya know how I asked you if I could drop 300 bucks on something no questions asked and you replied sure?"  He says "uh.... what did you do?"  Me:  I uh, bought the cricut explore.  He sat there and shook his head.  "You said you'd never give them another dime"  you are correct fine sir, I did say that.  BUT, I said "I will never spend a dime of YOUR hard earned money on them, I work now, so I spent mine"  I won't tell you the conversation that led to LOL.  We share an account but I somehow justified it in my head.  He's a good man, he supports whatever I do and was just kidding.  But seriously, I couldn&#…

I said it would never happen..., I was wrong.

Holy cow time sure does fly!

I'm sorry I've been MIA for almost a year!  Loads of stuff happening from a new grand baby to a new job and loads in between.

Tomorrow there is some excitement happening I wanted to share.  Y'all know I've kicked Cricut to the Curb and have been using my Cameo.  I kept my Imagine (cause you can't give those away these days) and I kept my Expression cause's the best thing that ever happened to me!    I made so many friends, traveled, spent too much money and made a little too.

I've been on the fence with trying the new Explore.  I've really been struggling with it for the last 6 months give or take.

Tomorrow my Explore and wireless adapter arrive. Thankfully I have the day off as I have to go get a procedure on my back.  I hope it's still numb enough for me to play for awhile tomorrow afternoon/evening.

I've pinned a lot, surfed a lot and watched a lot of videos. I've seen friends who swore off Cricut…