Da Babies a car crash and some cards for mom

Happy Weekend everyone - I plan on crafting my lil bum off!  What are you up to?  I can't wait to next week when I get my CTMH cartridge - I'll be showing ya lots of fun stuff from there!

Some of you have asked about Ragan - thank you SO much - she is doing BEAUTIFULLY and is almost 6 months old!  Her cousin Julianna arrived on July 3rd and is also doing wonderful. Both my girls are now mommies!  That blows my mind!  Our son Matt gave us quite a scare last week. He moved back to Maryland a few weeks ago and while driving to see one of his sisters, he took an exit off the highway a little too fast and flipped his car a few times.  Thankfully he is ok minus 7 staples in his head, nasty bruises, bumps and muscle strains, etc.  he totaled his car but we really could care less about the car (obviously).

That's our wee lil Ragan (Jelly Bean) on the right!  Some of you remember when she was just 4 pounds and in a drug induced coma.  Now she is super happy and thriving!  On the left is our lil Julianna (Juju Bee)who came into the world a healthy 8.2 pounds!  Both babies are doing wonderfully thanks so much!

Oh and we don't want Matthew slighted so here is a pic of his car  (the other side in the front is gone (tire and all)  Thankful to God that he is ok.

So, onto the cards.  As some of you know, I take care of my mom who has Parkinsons.  She always asks me to make a card for this or that to send various family members and friends. I finally sat down and made her 15 of them.  I was going through my pre-cut cards looking for certain colors when I came across this kit I had NO idea that I had!. I'm not even sure who made them but they were window cards with stickers you affix yourself.  Then I dug thru my stamps and such to find some sentiments and tried to figure out how to make it simple for her to mix and match.  Enter the Curly Label die and border set from Jaded Blossom

It was quite simple to use!  I just ran it thru my cuddlebug with standard plates, nothing fancy. I was even able to cut thru 2 pieces of card stock at a time.  Made 20 of them.  Then tried to figure out what to do about the sentiments - I have stamps from everywhere (like the rest of you)  One of my favorite go to sentiment stamp sets is Simple Sayings also from Jaded Blossom  LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree on that stamp set.  I chose a few sentiments I thought mom would use and then simply put pop dots on the back and put them all in a zip lock bag for her.  She can mix and match and should be ok for a bit before I have to really make her some cards LOL.

You can also see these cards in the video I took the other day (the post below this one)

See you soon with a new project!  Comments are ALWAYS welcome so please let me know what you think. The good, the bad and the ugly!

By the way - if anyone knows how I can force my photo stream to update I sure would appreciate it. Seems like it was updating on it's own for a long time. Now I have to send my photos from my iphone right to my email or manually download them.  Any tips?

Hugs and Happiness!

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