Color your own Ribbon Tutorial, Fun new way to store your Washi Tape and finally, a card box for mom!

Hey Krazies,

Here is a fun video to show you how to color your own ribbon using different methods.  Pro Markers, Stamp Pads, Sharpies, and various stamper markers.  I show you how using both Sheer & Satin Ribbon.

Also, a great way to store your Washi Tape that you can also pop right into your Crop bag when on the go.  All your Washi Tape in one very cute location.

Finally found a box for mom's cards - you can see it in this video! Please leave a comment, I'd love to know what you thought!

Hugs and Happiness!


  1. Cool beans! I'll have to try it when I'm making Christmas cards en masse!

  2. Great cards and box for Mom!! Love your ideas! I have to go empty a foil box so I can put my washi tape in it. Coloring the ribbon is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing all of them!

  3. Thanks for the ideas...they were awesome!


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