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My latest Craft Room photos

Hey everyone :)

I have been busy so far this year - just 3 weeks in and it's been crazy.  The Flu hit our house and just as that was on it's way out I get an infection spread across 4 teeth - just now starting to feel better and tomorrow it's Dentist day with root canals and crowns YIPES!

Anyway - I wanted to share what I did to my craft room.  I'm digging it and have been spending a bunch of time in there the last few days.  First I wanna share the before pictures:

This is what my desktop looked like the day after Christmas.  How insane is that?

The next photo shows my paper area - all those bags on the floor is stuff I was going to alter or use for Christmas.  Yeah, that worked out well.

 Here we have a shot of where I sit.  I am surprised I could even move.

A look at my desk from my point of view while sitting.  Chaotic don'tcha think?

This is under my desk - that colorful rolly thingy holds a lot of stamping stuffs.  And then on the right is my alterables cabinet…

Pinterest Plan

You know how we are all pretty much addicted to Pinterest?  Yeah, me too.  I love collecting things I want to try someday, life hacks, funny things, recipes that look oh so yummy but you don't have all the ingredients (or patience) for at that moment so you file it for when you do.

I decided to Challenge myself in 2013 to try things - really try them.  I may post the results, I may not, but I will try them.

I have 99 boards and almost 3000 pins. YIPES!  You can find my Pinterest Here

I created a new board called  2013 Challenge and started pinning things I want to do in there.  Check it out when you have a chance.
Here is a Snapshot of what it looks like now - I'm sure it will grow....and grow.....and grow some more.

Check back to see what projects I tackled!

Hugs and Happiness!

Happy New Year! 2013

Hello everyone!

I sure hope you had a fantastic holiday and today is the start of a brand new year!  I'm so excited at the things I have in store (not 1, but TWO grandbabies coming!) and my plans for this blog and my crafting life.  I'm not going to make 'resolutions' because we all know how that went last year LOL.

I created a group on Facebook called 2013 USE IT!  I'm amazed at how many people joined the first day! Over 100!!!

Our plans are to support one another in the effort to stop buying supplies just cause we think we will use them someday. Use what we have.  Of course you can't go a full year with out purchasing, that would be just insane to expect such a thing.  Run out and buy your adhesives, paper you need for an already planned project, stickles new color, reinkers, etc.  But try very hard to plan your projects in advance utilizing what you have on hand.  I forsee myself running out of black & white papers and gun tape.  I also for see myself ne…