Happy New Year! 2013

Hello everyone!

I sure hope you had a fantastic holiday and today is the start of a brand new year!  I'm so excited at the things I have in store (not 1, but TWO grandbabies coming!) and my plans for this blog and my crafting life.  I'm not going to make 'resolutions' because we all know how that went last year LOL.

I created a group on Facebook called 2013 USE IT!  I'm amazed at how many people joined the first day! Over 100!!!

Our plans are to support one another in the effort to stop buying supplies just cause we think we will use them someday. Use what we have.  Of course you can't go a full year with out purchasing, that would be just insane to expect such a thing.  Run out and buy your adhesives, paper you need for an already planned project, stickles new color, reinkers, etc.  But try very hard to plan your projects in advance utilizing what you have on hand.  I forsee myself running out of black & white papers and gun tape.  I also for see myself needing to make things for the babies and baby shower coming up which may need some special paper.  One baby is a girl, we won't know what the other is until next week.  One daughter is due in March, the other in July.  Son is joining the USAF and engaged.  Yes it is gonna be a very active 2013.

If you would like to join us there click here:  Facebook Group

We all got very very brave and posted REAL photos of our craft rooms as they are at that moment. No tidying up allowed.  Oh you should see some of the brave ladies!  We have a folder called "Before Photos"  Another called "In Progress" and a 3rd called "Reveal"

So far I'm the only one with photos in all 3 folders but I know there are several ladies working on theirs today.

Here is a video tour of my completed reorganized, cleaned out and cleaned up craft area.  I did get rid of a lot (cheesy stuff I knew I wouldn't use, dried up adhesive, scrap paper that won't to thru a  machine or won't be used on a card/LO etc.  Take a peek and let me know what you think.

Please check back as I'd like to have a Blog Giveaway on Friday and post more projects through the week. I was going to post a bunch of stuff I did for Christmas, but decided to wait until next season :)

Hugs and Happy Happy Happiest of New Years.

Remember:  No matter how bad your situation, someone has it worse.  Look for the silver lining, it's there, I promise!

Hugs and Happiness!

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