My latest Craft Room photos

Hey everyone :)

I have been busy so far this year - just 3 weeks in and it's been crazy.  The Flu hit our house and just as that was on it's way out I get an infection spread across 4 teeth - just now starting to feel better and tomorrow it's Dentist day with root canals and crowns YIPES!

Anyway - I wanted to share what I did to my craft room.  I'm digging it and have been spending a bunch of time in there the last few days.  First I wanna share the before pictures:

This is what my desktop looked like the day after Christmas.  How insane is that?

The next photo shows my paper area - all those bags on the floor is stuff I was going to alter or use for Christmas.  Yeah, that worked out well.

 Here we have a shot of where I sit.  I am surprised I could even move.

A look at my desk from my point of view while sitting.  Chaotic don'tcha think?

This is under my desk - that colorful rolly thingy holds a lot of stamping stuffs.  And then on the right is my alterables cabinet and shelf of 'stuff' that I can't find a home for

And now for the Reveal!

 Remember you can click on the photo's to see the larger photo.  Some questions I get are
1. "What are your cutters sitting on?  That is actually a rolling Microwave cart with a wooden top.  These were sold at Target many many moons ago but I checked yesterday online and both Walmart & Target carry them.  VERY handy.  I just roll it over to my desk  and can have them all going at once :)
2. Where did you get the cat tree?  LOL Got that from somewhere on line in 08 when one of our cats lost her front leg and had issues climbing - as you can see the cissel rope is coming off and we have to get some new stuffs but they love it!
3.  Just how big is that desk?  The desk is 6x4.  Very very comfortable for 2 crafters to spread out. Each corner is 2 Cubes from Michaels and they are sitting on the wheel trays (also from Michaels) so a total of 8 cubes and the top is Melemie (spelling eek!) from Michaels, 25.00 and they cut off 2 feet for me. Sits right on top and didn't even anchor it.
4. Where did you get that that wall desk/unit.  My dad made that when I was 12 for mom. The cut out in the center is actually for a window in the room he built it for.

And this is what I have been working on and will do a future post telling you all about it.  You'll love it!

Finally - GO RAVENS!

Hugs and Happiness!

Those of you that need to see more - I made a video YAY!


  1. Awesome craft room!! You could let a whole lot of creativity loose in there!!

  2. Wow! It looks great!! You have a HUGE space to work in!! Nice!! (Your cats are so cute too!)
    I HAD a craft room but we kind of got overrun by my kids crafts and things (a girl:9, and two boys: 5 and 22 months) so we made it a giant storage room for my crafts and theirs and we made a little spot in our living room for a craft table for me. I have 2 rolling carts under it and a shelf from Michael's on the wall above it. MOST of my supplies are still in the "storage room" but I have what I need, for most of my projects, at my table. I LOVE the things you have from Michael's! I hope to get many of their cubes at some point! You said you bought your table top from there too? Nice! I'll have to look into doing something like that someday!! Thanks for sharing! It looks great!!


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