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newest update

I've got to get these carts sold - I have a sick car in the shop and it's 250 miles out of warranty (go figure)  If you bundle you can make me an offer.  Also have loads of svgs - email

I am only selling the cartridges that I have svgs for - I'm not going to totally walk away from cricut - I still have my imagine which I love!

If you would like to donate to the 'tangee's car is broken and she is unemployed fund, please feel free. My paypal addy is  Or you can just leave a dollar under the bench in the park - that works too. ;)

3 Birds on Parade Cricut®                                                                      A Child's Year Cricut® 25Accent Essentials Cricut® 25All Sports Cricut® 25Alphalicious Cricut® 25Animal Kingdom Cricut® 25April Showers Seasonal Cricut® 20Ashlyn's Alphabet Cricut® 25Autumn Celebrations Cricut® 20Base Camp Cricut® 20Baseball Solutions™ Cricut® 15Basketball Solution…

Updated list!

Hey guys - here is an updated list of the cartridges that are left - email me if there is anything you want.

Here's what I have left - some carts were put back on the list this morning.

ALL SOLD thank you :)

Hugs and Chirps!

Updated Cartridge list FOR SALE!

Ok gang - below is an updated Cartridge list. If there is an XXXX where the price should be - it means it is sold out.

A couple of changes.  If you do not want the box the cartridge comes in you can save 1.00.  So if the price is 40 and you don't want the box - it's 39.   All carts come with original overlays, binders and boxes (seasonal, etc do not have boxes)

Shipping is US Priority Mail

Small box 5.75
Medium box 11.35
Large box 15.75

I will pay for delivery confirmation.

Please know that these cartridges are going fast. Which is very good for me but bad for those of you 'thinking it over'  I do have a few cartridges marked 'pending'  if those are not paid for by this evening I will make them available once again.

Here ya go - thank you SO much!  Kricut Krazy will return to normal starting July 1st!

ALL Have been sold.  Thank you!!!

Hugs and Chirps!

Cricut Stuffs for sale!

Hi everyone!

I've decided to get rid of a bunch of my cartridges.  As you guys know, I lost my job a few months ago and things are just too tight and I have a sick car at the moment that needs to be in the shop.

Below is the list and prices -  If interested please email me -  First come First Serve!

3 Birds on Parade Cricut® 2550 States Classmate™ Cricut® 209 Months Cricut® Lite20A Child's Year Cricut® 25Accent Essentials Cricut® 25All Mixed Up Cricut® 25All Occasions Cake Martha Stewart Crafts™25All Sports Cricut® 25Alphalicious Cricut® 25Animal Kingdom Cricut® 25April Showers Seasonal Cricut® 20Ashlyn's Alphabet Cricut® 25Autumn Celebrations Cricut® 20B is for Boy Cricut® Lite20Base Camp Cricut® 20Baseball Solutions™ Cricut® 15Basketball Solutions™ Cricut® 15Batman: The Brave and the Bold40Best of Pixar Cricut® 40Beyond Birthdays Cricut® 25Billionaire Cricut® Lite20Birthday Bash Cricut® 25Block Party Cricut®…