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newest update

I've got to get these carts sold - I have a sick car in the shop and it's 250 miles out of warranty (go figure)  If you bundle you can make me an offer.  Also have loads of svgs - email

I am only selling the cartridges that I have svgs for - I'm not going to totally walk away from cricut - I still have my imagine which I love!

If you would like to donate to the 'tangee's car is broken and she is unemployed fund, please feel free. My paypal addy is  Or you can just leave a dollar under the bench in the park - that works too. ;)

3 Birds on Parade Cricut®                                                                      
A Child's Year Cricut®  25
Accent Essentials Cricut®  25
All Sports Cricut®  25
Alphalicious Cricut®  25
Animal Kingdom Cricut®  25
April Showers Seasonal Cricut®  20
Ashlyn's Alphabet Cricut®  25
Autumn Celebrations Cricut®  20
Base Camp Cricut®  20
Baseball Solutions™ Cricut®  15
Basketball Solutions™ Cricut®  15
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 40
Best of Pixar Cricut®  40
Beyond Birthdays Cricut®  25
Birthday Bash Cricut®  25
Bloom Cricut® Lite 20
Botanicals Cricut® Lite 20
Calligraphy Collection Cricut®  20
Camp Out Solutions™ Cricut®  25
Cars Disney/Pixar©  40
Celebrate with Flourish Cricut® Lite 25
Celebrations Cricut®  25
Chore Chart Cricut® Lite 20
Christmas Cards Seasonal Cricut®  25
Cindy Loo Cricut®  25
Country Life Cricut®  25
Create a Critter Cricut®  25
Cricut Decals Cricut © 25
Cricut Everyday Cricut®  40
Cricut Sampler Cricut © 25
Crocs Rule Cricut® Lite 20
Cursive 101 Classmate™ Cricut®  25
Cuttin' Up Cricut®  25
Damask Décor Cricut®  25
Decals Cricut®  25
Designer's Calendar Cricut®  25
Destinations Cricut®  25
Dinosaur Tracks Cricut®  25
Disney Classics Cricut®  40
Disney/Pixar©  40
Doodlecharms Cricut®  25
Doodletype Cricut®  25
Dreams Come True Disney©  40
Elmo's Party Cricut®  30
Essentials Cricut®  25
Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut®  25
Fabulous Finds Cricut®  25
Fancy Frames Cricut®  25
Father's Day Seasonal Cricut®  25
Feeling Groovy Cricut® Lite 20
Florals Embellished Cricut®  25
Flower Shoppe Cricut®  25
Forever Young Cricut®  25
Formal Occasion Cricut®  30
Four Legged FriendsCricut® Lite  20
French Manor Cricut®  40
Freshly Picked Cricut®  25
From My Kitchen Cricut®  25
George and Basic Shapes Cricut®  25
Gingerbread Seasonal Cricut®  25
Give a Hoot Cricut®  25
Going Places Cricut®  25
Graphically Speaking Cricut®  25
Groovy Times Cricut®  25
H2O Seasonal Cricut®  20
Hannah Montana Disney®  40
Happy Graduation Seasonal Cricut®  25
Home Accents Solutions™ Cricut®  25
Home Décor Solutions™ Cricut®  25
Hoot 'n' Holler Cricut® Lite 20
Independence Day SeasonalCricut®  20
Indie Art Solutions™ Cricut®  20
Jasmine Cricut®  25
Joys of the Season Cricut®  25
Jubilee Cricut®  25
Just a Note Cricut®  25
Just Because Cards Cricut®  25
Learning Curve Classmate™ Cricut®  25
Letter Envy Cricut®  40
Life is a Beach Cricut®  25
Live Simply Cricut® Lite 20
Locker Talk Cricut®  25
Love You a Latte Cricut® Lite 25
Lovely Floral Cricut® Lite 25
Luau Seasonal Cricut®  20
Lyrical Letters Cricut®  25
Makin' the Grade Cricut®  25
Meow Cricut® Lite 25
Mickey and Friends Disney©  50
Mini Monograms Cricut®  25
Mini Monsters Cricut®  25
Mother’s Day Bouquet Seasonal Cricut®  20
Mother's Day Seasonal Cricut®  20
My Community Classmate™ Cricut®  20
My World Classmate™ Cricut®  20
New Arrival Cricut®  25
Nickelodeon® SpongeBob Squarepants  40
Nifty Fifties Cricut®  25
Nursery Rhymes Cricut®  25
October 31st Seasonal Cricut®  20
Office Help Cricut®  20
Once Upon a Princess Cricut®  40
Opposites Attract Cricut®  25
Pack Your Bags Cricut®  25
Pagoda Cricut®  25
Paisley Cricut®  25
Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut® 25
Paper Pups Cricut®  30
Pet Shop Cricut® Lite 25
Picturesque Cricut®  25
Pink Journey Solutions™ Cricut®  50
Plantin SchoolBook Cricut® 25
Pooh and Friends Disney®  40
Pooh Font Set Disney®  40
Potpourri BasketCricut®  30
Preserves Cricut®  25
Printing 101 Classmate™ Cricut®  25
Printing Press Cricut®  25
Pumpkin Carving Seasonal Cricut®  20
Robotz Cricut®  25
Rock Princess Cricut®  25
Sampler Cricut®  25
Sans Serif Solutions™ Cricut®  25
Savory Cricut® Lite 25
Serenade Solutions™ Cricut®  20
Sesame Street Seasons Cricut®  40
Sesame Street® Font Cricut®  40
Sesame Street® Friends Cricut®  40
Simply Charmed Cricut®  25
Simply Scarecrow Solutions Cricut®  25
Simply Sweet Cricut®  25
Soccer Solutions™ Cricut®  15
Songbird Cricut®  20
Sophisticated Cricut®  25
Speaking of Fall Classmate™ Cricut®  20
Speaking of School Classmate™ Cricut®  20
Sponge Bob 40
Sports Mania Cricut® 25
Spring Seasonal 20
Stamping Solutions™ Cricut®  15
Stand and Salute Cricut®  25
Storybook Cricut®  25
Straight from the Nest Cricut®  25
Street Sign Solutions™ Cricut®  20
Summer Celebrations Cricut®  20
Summer in Paris Seasonal Cricut®  20
Summer Vacation Seasonal Cricut®  20
Superman™ Cricut®  40
Sweet Shop Cricut® Lite 25
Sweet Tooth Boxes Cricut®  25
Sweet Treats Cricut®  25
Sweethearts Cricut®  25
Tinker Bell & Friends  40
Toy Story Disney©  50
Trim the Tree Seasonal Cricut®  25
Ultimate Creativity 50
Very Merry Tags Seasonal Cricut®  30
Walk in My Garden Cricut®  25
Wall Décor and More Cricut®  25
Wedding Solutions™ Cricut®  20
Wild Card Cricut®  25
Wildlife Cricut® Lite 25
Winter Frolic Cricut®  25
Winter Lace Seasonal Cricut®  25
Winter Woodland Cricut®  25
Word Builders: A Garden of Words Cricut®  20
Word Builders: A Word Party Cricut®  20
Word Builders: An Ocean of Words Cricut®  20
Word Collage Cricut®  25
Wrap It Up Cricut®  25
Zoo Day Cricut® Lite 25
ZooBalloo 25


  1. Hello Tangee, I would love to contribute to the dead car, unemployment fund. I just need to sell my Imagine, it's brand new, never been open. I'll share the wealth as soon as it's sold, K. Hang in there, things will get better.

  2. I'd like to get rid of my E2 as well but keeping my imagine and my Expression. Good luck selling yours!

  3. Just got a cricut for an early Christmas present and was wondering if this is still the updated version of the list or not. My husband and I are about to be stationed in Germany and I would like to get as many carts as I can before we go because shipping internationally would probably be way too much, please let me know!


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