Updated Cartridge list FOR SALE!

Ok gang - below is an updated Cartridge list. If there is an XXXX where the price should be - it means it is sold out.

A couple of changes.  If you do not want the box the cartridge comes in you can save 1.00.  So if the price is 40 and you don't want the box - it's 39.   All carts come with original overlays, binders and boxes (seasonal, etc do not have boxes)

Shipping is US Priority Mail

Small box 5.75
Medium box 11.35
Large box 15.75

I will pay for delivery confirmation.

Please know that these cartridges are going fast. Which is very good for me but bad for those of you 'thinking it over'  I do have a few cartridges marked 'pending'  if those are not paid for by this evening I will make them available once again.

Here ya go - thank you SO much!  Kricut Krazy will return to normal starting July 1st!

ALL Have been sold.  Thank you!!!

Hugs and Chirps!

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