Ok I have spent HOURS and I do mean HOURS trying to do a teapot with Pazzles.

First the machine wouldn't work so I texted Christie and asked what to do - she had me reset everything and finally it cut. But it cut where it was supposed to score and after another hour of trying to figure it out - I officially give up.

So instead, I will sit here and peruse the pazzles website and try to figure stuff out while I consol myself with a Charleston Chew ad some diet coke.

Happy Crafting -see you tomorrow.

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. ...LOL...Ok I will wait for you with my twinkie and cup of coffee.

  2. who knew pazzles was one hot mess.
    we know it isn't you.

  3. you'll figure it out, Tangee! :-)


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