May 18 distraction video

HEY LOOK!  There is something shiny over there -------------->

Here is a vid I did while distracting myself from the Pazzles - check it out...


and Chirps!


  1. LOL...!You are too funny!!!I am the same way but I have a cup of coffee on the side...Love the Stamp Sentiment..Too Funny!...waiting to see what you create on your pazzles....

  2. haha, you're a mess! You are sexy and you know it! I loved it!

  3. Yet another GMBO moment. This time the hubster yelled from the other room:- okay, what did she say/do this time to make you laugh so much??

    I told him about your cute stamped card and the sentiment and he said:- "that is totally something YOU would do!!!" And. . .he's right!

    Thanks for all the laughs today, Tangee. I really needed that! :-)

  4. ok, have to check out Peachy Keen kit club.
    Those faces are so cute.
    you are a riot!

  5. that card saying is too cute, and I would totally do that!


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