May 23 - a very special day indeed!

Well, no project for today because it is a very special day in our house!  Today is my wonderful husbands birthday!  Yay!  I have to get my butt in the craft room and make him a card and then dinner with the kids tonite at Chevy's tex mex!

This is my wonderful husband Allen. He is very supportive, loving, caring and an awesome dad to our 3 goofball adult children.  He is truly my best friend and soul mate.

Last nite we met up with my childhood bestie Anna and her hubby Mike for Steamed Crabs.  Anna & Mike live in Hawaii and come 'home' once a year or so and we always do crabs.
This is a Maryland thang and lots of people just don't understand. It takes a LONG time to eat steamed crabs so normally it's a social thing. We used to have Crab Feasts in our back yards growing up, the dad's would go 'crabbin' in the morning and bring home a bushel of crabs to season and steam with beer and Old Bay and boy are they yummo!  My fantastic hubby will occasionally pick a crab but not often and he sits there patiently each time I pick through crab.  There is no taste like it for me and Marylander's put crab on everything! Toast, crabcakes, crab fluff, and lots more (I won't do my Forest Gump Shrimp Scene using crab, you are welcome)  SO yummy!  Or as Sophia Grace says "It's SO good" in her cute lil english accent (check it out on youtube just look for sophia grace and rosie)

Ok quick story about Anna.  She and I were 7 when we met and we are now 4(mumble mumble mumble) it is a friendship that has stood the test of time and lots of moving for both of us (me military wife, she government employee who transfers often) but we always manage to see each other as often as possible.  I started to look for a pic of us as kids but it became a chore looking thru my files.  I need to do some scanning for sure but here we are!  They head back to Hawaii the first of June and then are moving to Australia on June 15th. Oh how I will miss her :(

I am SO lucky to maintain my friendships.  I am still friends to this day with my middle school, high school, college and co-workers that I have bonded with.  Not acquaintances mind you, but people that are very important to me and always will be. So this is to you Anna, Debbie, Annette, Karen, Laura, Shannon & Ronnie. We may go years without seeing each other but we stay in touch and will always remain a part of one another lives cause we are FF's  (Forever Friends) I love each and every one of you so very much!

ok I'm pretty sure if you are still reading this, I bet you are sick in bed and have no choice.  I'm sorry for the ramblin on but today is a special day indeed and i just wanted to share it with YOU KRAZIES!

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Oh!My!I wish I was there!!!!Happy Birthday to your Hubby!!!AND Many more!!!Enjoy your day with your family!!!You deserve it!!

  2. What tender tales! :-) It's wonderful to retain long time friendships.

    I, too, looooove crab. We have it here on the West Coast, in bucketfulls, errrrr crab traps. :-)

    A huge Happy Birthday to your hubster!! :-) Sounds like a good time was had by all.

  3. How nice to have your visit with Anna. Australia!! Great place to visit, but getting there is tough...and way too far for quick visits!
    Happy birthday Allen!

  4. Happy birthday to you. It is also mine and my husbands 22 anniversary.

  5. happy birthday to your husband, Tangee!


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