May 22 Cricut Circle Out of Character Binder Project

Brand new Cricut Cartridge came today and I did the binder project for you!

Christie is very busy with term papers, tests, major double time at work, etc so she has her 3 projects done but can't get them to me - I'll work on more projects tomorrow but for now here is the brand new Cricut Circle Cartridge binder project.  Enjoy!

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Tangee!You look Gorgeous!Love your hair!!!!!Super Cool Cart and the card is Super Cute!C U Later...Enjoy your dinner!:)

  2. Lovin' this card and cart. Very unique!! :-)

    Hope you have/had a nice dinner w/ the hubster! (that cutie that spoils you!) :-)

  3. I was admiring the polka dot N on the card. Interesting assortment of letters. Very cute card.
    Your hair is darling.


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