Hey Krazies!

Do you know about Pinterest? I got an invite to join about 2 months ago or so but really didn't play with it until the last few weeks. As more and more Crafters and Cricut Bloggers jumped on there it has become quite addictive.  Please go check it out:  www.pinterest.com/kricutkrazy  and if you are not a member but it looks like it will interest you, just drop me an email with your email addy and I'll invite you. It is by invitation only and I'm not sure how long it takes if you request one via their site.  If you already have a Pinterest Account, please give me the url so I can follow you - I hope you do the same for me.

See you with an all new project soon!


  1. Isn;t it just wonderful!!!!!! I love it...be warned very addictive.

  2. SUPER addicting, but love it! Here's my board url:

  3. I could waste all day on Pintrest! http://pinterest.com/chltgrl/


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