Krazy deal on Kool Cutting Station

My Cricut buddy Michelle from www.scappinwithmybug.com loves a deal and brags about it whenever she finds one.  This turns into many of us spending dough on stuff we didn't know we HAD to have.  She is the queen of good deals in paper crafting.  She's also brilliant with her designs and has been published in Cricut Magazine and her stuff is on the Cricut commercial - how awesome is that?

OK, so a few days ago she was bragging on Facebook about a Creative Cutting Center that she got on clearance at Joann's and how it was even cheaper cause she used the 20% off teachers coupon thingy.  Blah Blah whatever Blah.  Yes, I barely paid attention. Not because I'm not interested in what she has to say, I'm VERY interested.  It's because I made a new year resolution to not spend as much and to use what I have.

But then a few girls started getting excited cause their Joann's had the Station and they got the same deal.  So this morning I call my Joann and they said they didn't have them. So I gave them the item # and they checked the computer and WOOT! They have TWO.  I purchased them right over the phone and will pick them up later.

Regularly 199.99 the Creative Cutting Center (which fits the Imagine PERFECTLY) is on Jo's website for 149.00.  Yawn....... that's not enough to get our attention now is it crafters?  It's marked down for 69.99 in the stores.  Ok.... now I probably have your attention.  What happens if I tell you that they are ringing up Nationwide for 34.99???????? THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS!!!!!!!  If you use a teachers coupon/discount you get 20% off that!

How awesome is this?  So go to www.joanns.com and look at the store locations for a phone #.  Call your Jo's and ask if they have any of item #02427102 in stock.  They will not hold it for you, but they will take your payment over the phone and you can pick it up later.

Let me know what you think?


  1. WOW! Thanks for the tip! I'm going to check my local Joann's tomorrow!

  2. Just got one !! Actually might be going back for another !

  3. I want one!!!! OMG, what Joanns around here have them?

  4. I got a store to put two on hold for me.... ON MY WAY TO GET THEM.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  5. I bought 3 in Annapolis! I had no room or I would have stopped in Severna park and pick your two up :(

  6. I got my creative station the other day. Put it together myself, lined the drawers and top shelves with beautiful shelf paper to keep it nice and clean. I also put casters so I can roll it around if need be. Great find and deal. Thank you for sharing. I would have missed this one definitely.


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