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Life is a lil bit krazy!

Hey Krazies!

I hope you had an awesome summer!  I hope to have more stuff int he fall and winter.  I noticed quite teh slow down on many blogs, course mine slowed to a stop but that is all Tammy's fault. LOL.  Seriously, things should pick up soon, between work, kids outta school, hurricanes, lots of rain, an actual earthquake (the strongest ever on the East Coast, strong enough to rattle all our nerves) life is just.... well.  Life.

I have something to share.

So as a lot of you know - I'm the Director of Housekeeping for Hampton Inn.  This week we celebrated International Housekeeping Week.  I had a tiny budget to work with for 30 employees.  I figured I'd put some of my craft room to use and make a few things. Something small to give out each day.  As you can see, I did not have a ton of time on my hands  Day one everyone got the lil bags filled with bunches of mini Hershey bars.  Day 2 they got the personalized bottles - which they LOVED!  Day 3 they got the "Thank You Bags" with fire balls and life savers (behind the fireballs, you can't see them in this photo)  My original vision was to do bag toppers with "You are on Fire!" or something catching like that. And the same with the Lifesavers - bag topper with "You are a life saver" but alas time did not allow for that so I cheated and downloaded the topper already made up and smacked a stamp on 30 of them then stapled both the bags of candy to the topper.  Day 4 full size candy bars and lots of lollypops with various saying on them.  Today was day 5.  The girls got the above lunch bags with their initials cut out using one of the Hannah Montana Fonts and iron on vinyl.  Had a hard time with the iron being too hot but finally got 27 of them done. Inside were packs of gum (Extra, original vision would be sleeves around the gum that says 'you went the extra mile' but again, time....) A bottle of water, 2 packs of pb crackers, post it note with cute flower cover, a colorful pen and some more candy. A lot more candy LOL.  The boys (3 of them) got t shirts with their favorite sports on them (1 football, 2 soccer) and cool pocket flashlights and something else I can't remember.

Anyway - again, not much but they loved everything and certainly appreciated everything.  Trust me, Housekeepers do NOT get the credit or recognition they so richly deserve. They are often shorted or forgotten with tips, they clean at least 16 toilets a day and make the rooms fresh and clean for our guests.  They rarely complain and when they do it's normally about another room attendant taking their supplies LOL.  Remember to thank a room attendant!

See ya soon!
Hugs & Chirps!


  1. What a great way to honor your employess. Great!


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