Hey guys - sorry - we have NOT abandoned you. Life is just in the way right now for both of us.  I'm planning the baltimore Circle Meetup for March 12th and Tammy will be there too YAAY!

Anyway - I had planned to post my valentine cards and the very awesome Green Bay Packers card I made Allen. Did you know that Peachy Keen Stamps sells stamps just for Green Bay fans? GO PACK!

Went to Tuesday Morning today and got a mini haul - will video it later and upload it. Right now I'm taking 2 exederin and laying down so my head won't explode.



  1. Hey Tangee....if you need any help with the meet up on the 12th just let me know. Also do you know the times for this event? Admin Becky put his on the Circle MB but did not give times.
    Hope you are well. Looking forward to seeing you!

  2. :-) I've got an award for you two on my blog! Thanks for being such a great crafting inspiration!

    cricutingcarol @ gmail.com


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