Video timmmmmmmmme!

Ok Krazies so I have been organizing, straightening, moving, putting back, and organizing some more. Before I knew it most of my day was GONE. But the good news is every stitch of clothing in this house is washed, dried, folded and or hung and put away WOOT!  Oh and I'm ready for some craftin fun!

I need to do some decor for a baby shower so any tips, hints or gypsy files would be MOST appareciated!

This video shows you a few goodies, tells you a secret or two and has me in the middle of a coughing fit at the end (cold and flu dontcha know) so excuse me for that.

Off to watch Toy Story 3 with mom (Sunday evenings are our movie nites) and then to do some crafty stuffs. You'll see loads of stuff later tonite and or tomorrow :)

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. OMG!... you have a ton of cartridges! Someday I'm going to be that cool. :-)

  2. What brand is the ribbon pack? <My WM has NO craft stuff, but I thought I'd look for it online! Thanks!

  3. Love the ribbon and the paper!!!!!! So jealous and happy for you! :)

  4. I believe this is the correct comment area... about the baby shower ideas.. Ya know those cardboard circle (but can buy in other shapes too) that you put cakes or cupcakes you make on...(buy at stores, bakery stores) I recently took a circle one and covered it with patterned paper, stickers, small rhinestones and then covered it with modge podge. I put the baby's name etc.. on it. my friend who made the cake put it on there. another one was for cupcakes. It was the coolest. no messes were made on it and we wiped it off and the mom-to-be took it home and is using it. just an idea....


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