Holiday shopping tip!

This evening I went to Kohls online and needed to shop for a winter coat - the next thing you knew I had over 200 bucks in Christmas gifts in my bag.  Well check this out.

Used code: Extra20  for 20% off my order
Used code: Seven5 for FREE shipping

and saved 45 bucks
But wait there's more!

Go sign up for ebates!  I get 4% cash back from them on top of my deals.  I will do this all season long and if you are an online shopper you MUST go to ebates first to see if the place you are shopping from has cash rebates - you can also fine coupon codes there to save even more. It's a win win people!  I LOVE saving money!

Go here to sign up:  Click here to sign up - doesn't cost a dime!

Here is a cut and paste of my account:

My Ebates

Account Summary

Seriously - who doesn't LOVE saving the big bugs? And now with Christmas almost here I will be shopping my but off online.  You even get 3% for crafty ebay purchases (every cart I buy gets me 3% back from ebates)

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  1. Thanks Tangee this is awesome. Wish I had known about this sooner I spend a lot of money at Kohls. You're one awesome lady been missing you on the blog!


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