A tour of my Craft "Studio"

This is where the magic happens people.  As you can see it's kinda small but I really dig the desk. My dad built it when I was 12 and it's really working out for me now!  I'll take you on a tour :)

 Ok so this is an old what's it called... hutch.  The thing in the center is a ribbon station I bought for a gazillion dollars then decided it wasn't going to work for me. So I'm waiting for one of my crafty friends to say "Dude I'll buy it from ya!"  hasn't happened yet.  The drawers are filled with adhesives, printer ink and such. I'm anal about organization - it's a curse.  Anyway the cabinets under are filled with various supplies like extra scrap pages, envelopes, this, that, the other thing.  Those 4 boxes are actually more proof I'm very organized.  Wii stuff in 2 of them, my craft projects in the other 2.  Slim jims of course cause they are well... yummy.  My fun scissor rack that came with el cheapo scissors and I replaced them with Fiskars trimmers - I think I have every pair since the early 90's.  Pens I'm not sure work anymore, a Sew Craft Machine I never used but got as a gift a millinium ago and just can't part with and other crap.  Then my beloved printer - wireless dontcha know.  Printer supplies under. That's an old microwave stand - sturdy too!  Moving on...

Ok on the left is an iris cart that I've had for a coons age full of stuff like eyelets, gems, brads, tags, punches, etc.  It's brimming with crafting fun.  Then you get a peek at the awesome desk my dad made many moons ago - needs painted.  Those 3 drawers are filled with stuff like a laminator, embossing gun, blah blah.  I look in there occasionally.   Hanging up is a fun lil scrapbook thingy for helping you figure out layouts. Quite handy and I've had it for YEARS, have no idea where it came from tho.  It has all kinds of sizes and you put them on your 12x12 paper the way you want it (journaling, photos, titles, etc)  Right above the drawers you see my Provo Craft Toys.l  Cuttlebug I swore I'd never buy, gypsy, a stack of Carts that I need to do challenges on, another stack of kid friendly carts for a project I'm doing for my 4yo nephew and my bin of vinyl.

Ohhh look at the cool thing at the top. A dowel supported by ribbons hanging from the drop ceiling. That dowel cost 59 cents and rocks!

Ok so the 3 drawer thingy I got at Big Lots for 14 bucks. It holds my cartridges.  I love my cart boxes and don't want to separate them and have smaller storage.  I know I'm weird. My expression is on top, my baby bug on the bottem (scored that puppy and 3 carts on ebay for 62 bucks)

This is my messiest section.  Various boxes along the top with adhesives, embossing stuff, scraps, lamination supplies, envies, etc. Also my Xyron, my drawer with quick needed supplies I use daily. A bunch of 8x11 paper I use mostly for layering. My beloved basket at the top (I have a photo of my grandmother holding that in the 30's while fishing - it rocks)!  Ooh look at my lil pink corner tool holder with the cricut bug (Thanks Michelle from Scrappin with my Bug! - she did the water bottle too and sells them for 10 bucks!)  Oh and those slider doors down there have LOTSA Stuff in it.  From a book binder to rubber stamps and more paper (did I mention I'm a paper whore?)  Also you'll see lots of sticky spray thingies, toweletts for cleaning and my husband's computer with a REALLY creepy picture of a little girl holding a doll and pointing to a cat. Her eyes follow you everywhere. I hate her.  She's like 100 years old or something (shudder)  Oh and I hang my 12x12 mats on the front of my slider door - neato huh?

And there is Grandma fishing and holding that very wicker fishing basket - how cool is that?  The basket doesn't smell like fish anymore ;) 

That's my fantabulous husband working on his facebook star trek game.  Isn't he wonderful?  Kiss Kiss honey!  Ladies - he NEVER complains about my addiction or my frequent trips to scrap and craft stores!  Ok see my table there? See under?  Everything I need is there. 2 bins full of stuff. CHOCOLATE on top of the bin on the left, a pull out tray with stuffs on the right, my paper keeper is full of scrap paper in color order (for those small cuts and layering stuffs) and 8 cartridges (4 cake and 4 new ones) that technically belong to Provo Craft but possession is 9/10ths the law right? RIGHT?  Ahem... moving on...

So this is my paper cart. I've had this thing forever and I love love LOVE it and wish I had 2 more.  All my solid card stock on the top and some specialty printed and page layouts on the bottom. That green box under the desk has a bunch of pattered paper.

Close up of my ribbon thingy - isn't it purty?

Ok this brings the tour to a close. I hope you enjoyed it and were not terribly bored.

Hugs and Such!


  1. Tangee,

    I am so jealous. I have a full basement, but can't get comfortable down there. So I recently started trying to figure out how to bring everything back upstairs & whoa is it a task to get it all reorganized! Love, love, love it & I want to be like you when I grow up :)


  2. Wonderful craft room ! I love the saying at the top of your blog , hahaha ! thanks for the nice comments and stopping by my blog:)

  3. Was that waiting for a crafty friend to say they need that ribbon holder a hint? haha. I am not biting on that one yet!

  4. congrats on your site! You were smart to buy your .com before someone else took it !!! They do that then try to sell it to you at an outrageous price!
    Thanks for sporting the bottle and bug head glad ya like it....LOL but it doesnt link back to my site cause theres a "g" in it LOL But I need you to teach me how to link stuff like that I have NO clue! Im fairly new too! thanks

  5. There's nothing wrong with being a little anal retentive when it come to organization in your scrapbooking area. It sure helps when you're on a project and know you have the product you need but just don't know where you put it. I absolutely hate that. I love your room and I'll have to figure out a way to post mine some day! Happy Scrapping!!!

  6. OMG! Out of everything in there my very favorite thing was your cricut mats hanging! I'm FOREVER just stashing them anywhere and they get seperated and whatnot. Great idea! Thanks!!!

  7. Ms. Jen, thank you! I thought that up all by myself. I get ideas once in a while LOL. I have a few hanging on my slider door as you saw in the photo and a few hanging on my paper station side. I just uploaded those pics last nite. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hey Tangee!
    Are you still going to Demo? I don't see my blog on your list?

  9. Look at how organized you are! I would dread showing off my craft area...as its kinda just where ever I can find room! I can't wait til someday when I have a space as nice as yours! :)

  10. loved the tour and all the personal touches that u pointed out especially the basket of your grandma's! you are a thrifty crafter and i love the ribbon dowel!!!


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