Cuttlebug Cards

My sister in law was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in February of last year. She had a 3% survival rate. We were all quite scared (obviously)  At her last Pet Scan they found ZERO trace of cancer.  She's been through 5 rounds of Chemo and has remained a trooper throughout it all.  She loves Birds and these cards are simple yet very cute (and sideways in this photo)  These were run thru the Cuttlebug by my friend Kristen who could not stop playing with it.  Just wanted to share, These were made for Deb to use as note cards. If anyone has any other ideas of something I can do for her with birds, please let me know.


  1. prayers and positive thoughts for your dear sister in law and continued good news!!! i know how your friend feels about using the cuttlebug, it is my "go to" tool when creating quick yet elegant cards. helen

  2. What a wonderful prognosis for your sister-in-law. And what a thoughtful gift for her. They turned out great! Sometimes simple is best. I LOVE my cuttlebug! Wish we demo'ed that!

    Katie Wilson


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