Ragan Update

Hello Everyone,,

Ragan is doing so much better. There were a few really scary moments but this week she is doing beautifully.

She was born on March 14th and has been in the PICU at Johns Hopkins since March 21.  Here is a photo taken today but it was taken from the other side of the window because Ragan's mommy and daddy have a stomach virus and can't go inside.  She is more active today then she has ever been.  Check out her lil clenched toes - she does that all the time it's so cute.

Here is a video of Ragan taken yesterday and it includes a little tour of where Krystina (my daughter) has been staying

We would LOVE for you to click 'like' on our Team Ragan Page on Facebook

We are also trying to raise some funds to help with expenses.  Here is her Fund Raising Page.

A donation of 25.00 or more will get you a hand made necklace.  You can either choose a design/color or a sports team.  Here are a few samples:

Thank you - I hope to return to crafting real soon.  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

Hugs and Happiness!

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  1. Hi Tangee. I am praying for Ragan. I would like to do something to help. Can you send me an email? Ifeeltheloveproject.blogspot . com (no spaces) Thank you!

    ~Madison (from Funky Cards)


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