Hershey Nugget Holiday Ideas

Hi everyone and happy December!  May the crazy commence!

I have some fun idea's for you for stocking stuffers!  I stumbled on a blog and she has such awesome ideas I just had to try some - check out www.thesouthernstamper.com  the lady is a genius!

Here is a lil video for you showing you how to wrap the Nuggets and some fun things you can do with them:

  How cute are these tins?  LOVE them!  You can buy them at www.papermart.com and get details on the measurements in the video above.  I love how they turned out! I had a left over roll of Hello Kitty ribbon from a project I did on my daughters birthday - I wrapped 12 of the nuggets with it and think they turned out adorable!  I learned how to do the bow from Pinterest - the gal calls it "Ribbon Candy Bow"  I tweaked it a little for this project but love how it turned out.  The candy sleeves were fun too and I have directions for those on the video as well.  The bottle caps with Ravens logo you see in the background were actually done for a friend - we are in Ravens country but this house is Green Bay Packers all the way

This is my fabulous family all together for Thanksgiving!  Matthew flew up from Florida to surprise us, he was only here for the day :(  Amanda (in blue/white stripes) lives just 1/4 mile away and Krystina (my 5 month pregnant precious mama to be) is about 10 miles away.  

Hopefully will be posting another project in a day or three.

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Everything!


  1. Love the project. These will be great for some co-workers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love these proejcts! Must go to Costco and buy nuggets ASAP.....Thansk for sharing!!!

  3. Love your projects. What a great picture. I love taking family pictures at the holidays.


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