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Yes it's actually me this time!  Krazy isn't it?  I don't need to tell you how insane hectic my life has been lately so I'll just say this - soon my friends.... soon I will be back and driving y'all nuts with my krazy projects and krazy reorganizing and such.  I have so much to share with you!  Just about ALL my cricut stuff has been sold.  I do have a fist full of cartridges and I will continue to do binder projects from time to time but my main focus will be Pazzles & Cameo.  We will be sticking to a schedule of sorts (Stamping days, kutter days, pinterest posts, etc) And there will be loads of contests!  Blog candy - you know you love it!

Also big news, I will be changing the website to www.kutterkrazy.com but no worries.  You won't have to change anything you do because I will still own kricutkrazy.com and it will automatically transfer you to the new site - you won't even notice.

Speaking of contest - lets have one RIGHT NOW!  I have 2 stamp sets from Peachy Keen that will be given to a random comment.  Special thanks to www.peachykeen.com for donating them!

All you have to do is leave a comment under this post telling me your 9/11 story.  It can be detailed or it can be short.  Your choice, all comments will be entered to win the 2 stamps above.

Here's my story:

We were stationed in Key West Florida.  The kids were at school, I was on my way to work and late as usual.  I went to flip off the tv and go out the door and saw the Tower on fire.  I stood there transfixed.  I called the office to tell them to turn on the tv and then drove to work. When I arrived a few minutes later everyone was around the tv watching.  By now the 2nd tower had been hit.  I was starting to get very very very scared.  I didn't want to believe it.  We just stood there. Then...... the Pentagon was hit.  I looked at my boss and said "I have to get my children" he told me to go ahead.  As I drove back toward the base I was suddenly terror stricken.  Who do I pick up first?  My 6th grader in town at the middle school or my 4th grader on the base at the elementary school?  At the last second I decided to go to town first (good thing too as they shut down the base right after I got back on it)  Most of our husbands were gone for days as they worked at neighboring bases (Key West has 3 plus the one with housing that we were on) the kids didn't really understand what was happening and all the neighbors just stood outside and talked with one another.  It was horribly tragic as you are aware and something we will never forget. Ever.

Ok so on that note - lets share our stories!  I'll pick a winner on Friday!
Good luck :)

Hugs & stuff!


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  2. Stupid button, I wasn't done and I couldn't edit it, so I deleted it.

    My 9/11 story: I was taking my husband to work and we were listening to the regular morning shock jocks and thought they were joking. I get home and watched the second tower get attacked. I called my husband to let him know that they weren't joking, we were under attack. I donated blood that day.

  3. my 9/11 story, this is coming from Burlington, ontario, Canada. Just so you know, your neighbours to the north were hurt/shocked along with you, I was at work, when everything stopped with the announcement of what was going on, we were glued to the horrible views on the tv that day, all day. I don't think anyone of us got anything done. I went home from work that day and held my kids close, made a few phone calls to family just to say "I love you".
    My thoughts were(and still are) on all those affected by this tragedy.

  4. Let's begin with I'm not a morning person at all. We were stationed in Colorado. I logged on AOL while my son was getting ready for school and briefly saw something but didn't really think anything of it. I went back to bed. My husband came home from PT and said something and I was very casual about it because it didn't really hit me what was going on. I got up and watched the tv and saw it. I remember how I numbed up immediately, that was my immediate response. It took me literally a year to really go through all the motions of it. My husband thought I was a cold hearted person but we were newly married and he learned that I learned how to cut myself from things do to my past but sitting in the hospital on the first anniversary of it is when it truly hit me.

  5. I first heard it on the radio - same as others, really thought they had to be joking until I got to a clients house & she insisted that I watch the news. I'm wondering now if Morning radio needs to have a serouis time so we believe them.

    Hurting others has never made any sence to me - why do people do these kind of things (thinking of the High school shooting too)

  6. I was in Shipshewana, IN with a group of ladies from church. It happened just as we turned on the TV to check the weather before checking out of our B & B to go to the fleamarket before coming home. We prayed, I remember calling my husband to tell him to turn on network TV, as I knew the TV would be on a cable kid's channel for Alex's shows he liked. I remember the sick feeling when I did, in fact, within an hour, see gas stations raising their prices up well over $6.00 per gallon, I remember the eerie feeling driving through Flint, MI, past Bishop Airport and not seeing or hearing any planes in the air. I remember getting home to Port Huron MI, and finding out the border with Sarnia was closed. What a sad and horrible day... I do remember one bright spot, all that day in Shipshewana, I witnessed complete strangers letting others use their cell phones to connect with loved ones. It was a hopeful sight..

  7. I was working and living in NM and my huband now but was then my boyfriend was living and working in NJ as a federal firefighter and as I was coming in off my a.m. school bus run all the drivers were crowded around the tv as soon as I found out what had happened my cell phone rang and it was Bob telling me he may not be able to call for a while he was being sent to NYC needless to say my heart dropped but a year later we no longer were having a long distance relationship we moved closer to each other and are now married.

  8. I was in Central Florida and had dropped my kids off at school. When I got home the first plane had hit and they thought it was an accident. Then the news started following the second plane and they figured out something else was going on. I remember watching it all unfold.

  9. I was at work in North-central Oklahoma and a friend called and said you need to turn on the news as the Twin Towers had been hit, we tuned in to the TV and sat in shock as events unfolded that day. Such a tragic, heart-stopping day. I will never forget.

  10. Hard to swallow on this day. As every year Hubby and I watch the reply on what happened and of course I get sick to my stomach and cry.
    I was not working at the time. I had just put down my youngest for a nap. My phone rings and it was my Sister on the other end of the phone. She informed me to turn any channel on cause I needed to sit down and watch. I cried and couldn't believe what a horrific sight I saw. Then minutes later another plane hits the other building. I was lost in words and I couldn't speak. I wondered "should I prepare my family for what is next?'. I thought "would my younger brother need to go away for war?" I though of those people that I didn't know and my heart went out to them I cried & I prayed. I cried more and then I made sure I knew all those that I knew were ok. friends near and far. Family near and far. You just never know. My heart goes out to all of them to this day. But one thing I realized that at that moment at that time... all races came together. Everyone helped each other and that is why I love America! One Nation under God. United forever.

  11. My girlfriend was in Tower 2, made it out and was the last one going down in the elevator with her office companion. Everyone else in her office perished on that horrific day.
    I watched everything happen at home that morning and my husbands company told ALL their sales people to get off the roads and go home. I will never forget that day.

  12. I was at work, and one of the attorneys was on his way to a hearing. He heard about the first plane crashing into the tower on the radio, and he called back to the office and told us to turn on the television. Everyone sat in wonder as we watched the news coverage, not understanding what was going on. When the second plane hit, we were shocked and wonder turned to fright, realizing that the crashes were not an accident. Many of us shed tears; the day was not productive from a work standpoint, and our bosses were very understanding. I tried repeatedly to contact my sister who worked in Washington, DC, near the White House. When I could not get through to her, I tried to reach her husband and when I finally contacted him by email, he responded that he had not heard from my sister. I later learned that the building my sister was in was on lockdown - no one in / no one out and the phone lines were inactive. My sister believed she and everyone there were going to die. My sister did not own a cell phone, and she found a coworker who kindly offered her cell phone. My sister called her husband and told him that she thought this was it, and they said their goodbyes. It still brings tears to my eyes to think about that day...the dedicated police officers, firemen and others who gave their all, the families who lost loved ones. So much sadness; so many tears.

  13. On September 11,2001 I was home with my 8 month old baby girl when I was watching the today show while I put clothes away and my mother in law called and told me "something is going on" then I realized the tv showed breaking news and I started panicking and trying to remember my gram as number because she was living in Manhattan at that time...well thank God she was stopped at the bridges because they shut it down I later talked to her and she was a emotional wreck..she told me she watched the airplanes hit the towers and it was very very sad. Till this day I cannot think of the horrific events that took place that day and not shed a tear.

  14. I was living in AZ. Had a 3 month old. It had been a long night with not much sleep. I had just fallen back asleep and was exhausted. My husband was up getting ready for work and he came and woke me up. I remember sitting there watching in horror feeling so helpless. Thankful to have my family close to me.

  15. Well I can remember turning on the TV and that was what was on. Saw the buildings burning scared. I pray all the time for those affected! CallyAnn
    US is a great country and all came together!

  16. Can't wait to see your new website. Thanks for the chance to win!!! My 9/11 story is....I was serving in the US Army, stationed in Germany. I was watching the news before I went to work when I thought WOW that plane is SUPER close...next thing I know it came out the other side. :( Being in the military that was up setting in many ways. Once the other one hit the jets were in the air in no time. I really wasn't sure when I was going to be able to see the USA again. That was a very sad and lonely feeling. Then once things settled a WHILE later I was able to come to the US again and WOWZA I can't tell you how that felt....AWESOME!!!! I love my country!

  17. I was at work, my husband was traveling out of state (he was in Detroit), and my kids were in school when I heard about the attacks. I left work to pick up my kids because I needed to be with them. As I was driving, listening to the news reports, I heard that the towers had fallen. It was awful to hear that terrible news! My kids had no idea why I was picking them up early and could only think their dad had died in an accident. I reassured them their dad was fine but it was tough explaining what had happened.

  18. I was on my way to drop off my daughter at gymnastics when my mother called to tell me that something was going on in NY and that I should call my sister to see if she was okay!! She worked on 7th ave but could see the Twin Towers from her building, she saw them come down!! There was complete chaos in the city those first few day's and she could not get home for 2 days!! She is fine but that day will always be in our minds!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win Tangy!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama

  19. I will never forget 9/11/2001. I had turned on the television as I always do when I rise in the am. The phone rang. It was my husband. He was in upstate New York at the time. He had no clue what was going on just hours from where he was located. The tone in my voice was shaky and I started crying. I told him something is terribly wrong. A building in New York City has just collapsed right before my eyes. I thought to myself this can't be real. Then the unthinkable happened. Right before my eyes a plane crashed into tower 2 of The World Trade center. I was speechless. Helpless to say the least. His company had given everyone the rest of the day off from work. We ended our conversation since I had a job interview with Chicago Public Schools that morning and he was heading home to watch the news. As I drove into the city (Chicago) I thought to myself what in the world is happening in New York City. Instead of listening to the news I put in a Christian CD and started praying for the victims, families and emergency medical technicians.

    When I arrived at my interview they were surprised I showed up. The city had been evacuated since Chicago is home to the Sears Tower. One of the worlds tallest landmarks. I had no idea since I was not listening to the news in the car. In my hurry to get to my interview on time I did not remember the name or location of the parking garage where I had parked my car. Needless to say since I was walking on the streets I was picked up by a policeman for assistance. I was tired and pregnant.

    The nice policeman helped me locate my car and as I drove back home from the city I was horrified. The traffic was heavy and the city was on alert! When I finally made it home I had over 30 messages on my answering machine. Family and friends called to make sure my husband was ok. They knew he was in New York but did not know what area.

    I got the job working for CPS but I had a miscarriage. The lost that I suffered that day did not compare to the loss America suffered that day.

    Gone but not forgotten. 9/11/2001

    That is my story.


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