Happy Fall Y'all!

Hey Krazies!

Oh my - so so much going on - summer just flew by didn't it?  First, we have a Peachy Keen Winner - I announced it on facebook and forgot to announce it here and wondered why the winner didn't come forward LOL.  Anyway - Congrats Lynn!

Lynn B. said...
I was in Central Florida and had dropped my kids off at school. When I got home the first plane had hit and they thought it was an accident. Then the news started following the second plane and they figured out something else was going on. I remember watching it all unfold.

Please email me tangee@kricutkrazy.com with your mailing address and I'll get this off to you. 

Ok wanna know why you haven't heard from me? This sums it up:  

Terrible just how true this is of me LOL

Hubby and I went to Chantilly VA to the Pazzles retreat.  Well, he went to local historical sites, I went to the retreat and let me tell you I had a wonderful time.  First, when we pulled up to the hotel I went to get out and  absolutely could not stand up. I put my feet out, went to stand up and could not straighten my back.  This lady is sitting on a bench looking at me and bursts out laughing!  I knew we were going to be great friends!  (didn't hurt myself, just stiff from sitting in the car so long)  After we checked in I found her in the lobby and introduced myself.  She is Sharon from PA and was great fun - we learned tons together.  We also giggled a lot. Allen took us to dinner and hung out with us after class.  Isn't he Handsome? Love that man of mine.
 Here is a photo from the back of the room looking forward (obviously)  That empty chair is mine. Sharon is to my right and Linda is next to her.  The people to our left didn't like us.  Don't know why I'm so darn personable. Ah well what can ya do?

The pictures above are small but you can click on them and get the full size. Just various angles of the classroom.  The one looking from the front to the back I kinda got the stink eye for LOL.  On the right is the famous Klo.  She has her own classroom in the Pazzles Craft Room online with so many videos you will be a pro in no time!

I love the Pazzles - the housing is the same as the housing on Cricut.  So any add on's you have for your cricut (pens, blades, blade housing, pen holders, marker holders) can be used in the Pazzles.  It cuts beautifully and the craft room is just amazing with lots of support (they get back to you the same day, how insane is that?) you get a discount on anything you buy in their store (when you are a member) They have forums where the people are kind and they have thousands of images.  THOUSANDS and new ones all the time. With a craft room membership you get 40 images every 72 hours - aweeeeeesome. Your library will be huge in no time flat!  Plus we have a fun place on facebook www.facebook.com/pazzlepeople 
Ya gotta check out the Pazzles if you haven't already.  You can get it for 99 bucks and then a 2 year contract with the craft room (19.99 a month) The lady that created the Pazzles is Chris and omg she is so helpful and kind.  She invented the personal cutter.  Yes, that cutter from Cricut was her invention.  I gotta tell you, 3 days in the classroom with her and Klo and not a single negative thing was said about any competitor including cricut. That is classy as far as I'm concerned.

I love all the features (print and cut is a fav) and will showcase them with different projects I do through out October.  Christie Anderson (who is recovering from emergency surgery and needs our love) Joanna (the mad poster) and I all have Pazzles - any thing we can help you with just let us know.

I am also using the Cameo & the Cricut Imagine.  But Pazzles has quickly become my favorite cutter - you can cut almost any file out there (svgs, pdfs, etc)

I'm excited cause they just accepted me into their affiliate program.  I'm going to be upfront - if you buy a machine I get just 5 dollars.  It's really not about the money tho - I back them 100000%.  So if you are thinking about it or want to look into it, please check it out here:
Get the Pazzles Inspiration, the most comprehensive electronic die cutter available, for as little as 99 dollars down.

Hugs and see ya next time!

Hi! Terri here with another stamping project....

I teach a monthly Christmas card club. Each month the club members make 4 cards, 2 each of 2 designs. I love it and they do, too!

One of the cards this month was inspired by a card in the Stampin Up 2012 Holiday catalog on page 7. Our version looked liked this....
This card features several items from the Holiday catalog-- the Joyous Celebrations stamp set, the holiday frame embossing folder, and Silver Sparkle Dazzling Details.

I love this card! So much so that it may become the design I use for my family Christmas cards----and I made a video tutorial....

Have you started thinking about Christmas cards? I'd love to see your designs--please share links by leaving a comment!

Drop me an email if you would like a Stampin Up holiday catalog mailed to you.

Stamping is fun!

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Hugs and Chirps!


Great NEWs if you use a digital cutter.

I have got some SUPER exciting news to share, especially for those of you that use a Pazzles Inspiration or a similar digital cutter! 

Yikes......pinch me now!

I am on the Creative Team of a new on-line magazine called the Cutting Edge magazine  which went live on September, 1st.  The great thing about this magazine, is that it is dedicated to a range of digital cutters.  There will be tips on using SVG files, freebies, tutorials and lots of projects
from the Creative Team.

I am overwhelmed to be up amongst amazing designers and, being the only UK crafter on the Creative Team I feel completely freaked out!  But, I am sure I will be OK once I get making the projects for the magazine!

So, please click on the above image, tell your crafting friends to watch out for my projects in the  Cutting Edge magazine  which is dedicated to digital cutters and spread the word about this NEW on-line magazine.

Also, here is the link to the Cutting Edge FACEBOOK PAGE, Please LIKE their page, tell them I sent you there and get lots of crafting updates and freebies.

Thanks again to all my dedicated followers and those of you who comment on my posts, it means so much to me.

Click here for my blog http://ilove2cutpaper.blogspot.co.uk/
Click here for my FACEBOOK PAGE.

Hug and Chirps!


Cake banner project and video

Hey! Terri here with another paper-craft project and video. Enjoy!

I just posted my latest tutorial to YouTube.....and it's all about cake banners! I suspect a few of you are scratching your heads and pondering what the heck this means. I took a picture of the banner I made for my daughter's birthday a party; I think you'll agree cake banners are awesome!

birthday cake banner

One of my stamping club members, Sarah, made this one...
I don't know why this photo insists on laying on its side!

I made a video showing how easy these banners are to make. I didn't get a still photo of the baby shower cake banner shown in the video once it was on the cake, but the video has great shots of that banner.

Click here to see the Cake Banner video

Any plans to make cake banners in your neck of the woods soon? I'd love to see photos of your cake banners!

Current Stampin Up promotions:
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Need an annual or holiday catalog? No problem! I'd be happy to send one your way. Drop me an email with your name and address.

Stamping is fun!


PS--check out my stampinghare stamping tutorials on YouTube.

Hugs and Chirps!


Hexagonal Decorative Boxes (svg's)

Hi everyone, it's Joanna again as guest designer from ilove2cutpaper sharing with you my project this week.  

I love making boxes with my Pazzles cutting machine especially at this time of the year as they are so handy for festive gifts.

For these boxes I have used svg files from a set which includes different designed bases and lids.

Click this link to view the set
The boxes are available in ai, dxf, eps, gsd, jpg, pdf and svg file formats for your cutting machine.

I cut these 2 boxes using the same base. Then I cut out 2 different lids in coordinating paper.

I decided not to cut out the top centre piece of the lid design so I moved it to the side and made it larger in 2 increasing sizes using the outline feature.

Using different coordinating paper I layered the centre design and added an antique brad to the middle.

And here is the inside of the decorative box ready to fill with a gift.

Using double sided paper by Kaisercraft (These Days Collection) made the box really easy to put together.  I love this paper so much I think I will have to buy some more!

Click HERE to take you to the link to purchase these boxes.

Please take a peep at my blog for more projects using my Pazzles Studio Pro Software 
with my Pazzles Inspiration cutting machine

Click here to follow my  FACEBOOK PAGE 

Bye for now Joanna xx


This tri-fold castle card is too cute!

Hi friends!

Terri here with another stamping project...although this is more of a punching project!

I was again inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest and had to make it, then loved it so much I made a video about the card.

My daughter's birthday was last month. Once I saw a tri-fold castle card made by Lisa Young on Pinterest, with a written tutorial on her blog addinkandstamp.blogspot.com, I knew this was the card I would make for my daughter. What do you think? Could you have resisted making this card??
castle card

tri-fold card standing

I thought the card was so cute I had to make a video to prove it!! Click the link to see it.

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Back to Spool!

Spooktacluar offer

MDS content and print sale
Stamping is fun!


PS--please contact me if you have questions; email terhare@hotmail.com

Hugs and Chirps!


Never Forget!

Hello Krazies!

Yes it's actually me this time!  Krazy isn't it?  I don't need to tell you how insane hectic my life has been lately so I'll just say this - soon my friends.... soon I will be back and driving y'all nuts with my krazy projects and krazy reorganizing and such.  I have so much to share with you!  Just about ALL my cricut stuff has been sold.  I do have a fist full of cartridges and I will continue to do binder projects from time to time but my main focus will be Pazzles & Cameo.  We will be sticking to a schedule of sorts (Stamping days, kutter days, pinterest posts, etc) And there will be loads of contests!  Blog candy - you know you love it!

Also big news, I will be changing the website to www.kutterkrazy.com but no worries.  You won't have to change anything you do because I will still own kricutkrazy.com and it will automatically transfer you to the new site - you won't even notice.

Speaking of contest - lets have one RIGHT NOW!  I have 2 stamp sets from Peachy Keen that will be given to a random comment.  Special thanks to www.peachykeen.com for donating them!

All you have to do is leave a comment under this post telling me your 9/11 story.  It can be detailed or it can be short.  Your choice, all comments will be entered to win the 2 stamps above.

Here's my story:

We were stationed in Key West Florida.  The kids were at school, I was on my way to work and late as usual.  I went to flip off the tv and go out the door and saw the Tower on fire.  I stood there transfixed.  I called the office to tell them to turn on the tv and then drove to work. When I arrived a few minutes later everyone was around the tv watching.  By now the 2nd tower had been hit.  I was starting to get very very very scared.  I didn't want to believe it.  We just stood there. Then...... the Pentagon was hit.  I looked at my boss and said "I have to get my children" he told me to go ahead.  As I drove back toward the base I was suddenly terror stricken.  Who do I pick up first?  My 6th grader in town at the middle school or my 4th grader on the base at the elementary school?  At the last second I decided to go to town first (good thing too as they shut down the base right after I got back on it)  Most of our husbands were gone for days as they worked at neighboring bases (Key West has 3 plus the one with housing that we were on) the kids didn't really understand what was happening and all the neighbors just stood outside and talked with one another.  It was horribly tragic as you are aware and something we will never forget. Ever.

Ok so on that note - lets share our stories!  I'll pick a winner on Friday!
Good luck :)

Hugs & stuff!


I love this one!

Hey friends!

Terri here with another stamping project.

I saw a holiday card on the Stampin Up demo-only website that I thought was so beautiful I couldn't wait to copy it! And then I loved it so much I included it as a club project and still loved it so much I made a video showing how to make it. That's a lot of love! Thank you Paula Dobson for sharing the original inspirational card!!!!

I know you have to be wondering what this card looks like and also wondering if you will feel the same...well here's it is...
What do you think? I hope you are feeling the love, too!

And here's the video...

This card uses one of Stampin Up's most popular stamp set, and one of my favorites, Mixed Bunch. Check out my online Stampin Up store, it's open 24/7. Click here to shop now!

Stampin Up is has 3 great promotions--a FREE ribbon offer (through September), a new recruit offer (expires September 16), and a digital sale (ends 14 September. Click here for  more details. Act now, for no regrets later!

Stamping is fun!

 PS--Check out my blog... www.stampinghare.blogspot.com

Hugs and Chirps!

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