Happy August 1st!

Holy Moly!

Where did the time go?  I can not believe that it's August 1st!  The holidays are coming up super fast!  When I was a kid I loved this time of year.  First we got to go school clothes and supplies shopping, then we started school (in September) then before you knew it we could trick or treat!  After that Thanksgiving with friends and family! I loved roller skating or riding my bike thru the neighborhood on Thanksgiving Morning - you could smell all the Turkey's and Hams cooking!  And then, suddenly.... it was Christmas Eve! Mom would let us open ONE present every single December 24th but she got to pick it.  It was always brand new PJ's.  As I started that tradition with my own children I asked Mom why she did that.  I laughed when she replied "I wanted Christmas morning photos without unmatched pj's or tears in the pj's, etc."  lol - simple enough.

Thanks so much to Terri, Christina, Heather &Heather as well as Joanna for helping out in July - what a great job they did! I will not cry if they decide to continue.  Outstanding job to all of them!

I am fixin to redo my craft room again - just organizing and rearranging - who knows, maybe some day I'll actually like it

Today is the day we all need to RUN to Close to my Heart and order your Cricut Artist Collection!  You won't regret it - in my opinion, this is by far the very very best Cricut Cartridge and a must have!

If you click the highlighted link above (or the one in the top right corner) it takes you to my store where you can order the Artist and any of your crafting needs.  I've been demoted to a Junior Consultant so I need all the help I can get LOL!

Hugs and happiness - will be back soon!

Hugs and Chirps!

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