Joyful July!

Hey Krazies -

Fun schedule coming up for the rest of July. Give me a break, we had a holiday last week :)  I had 40 some people in my yard and the threat of thunderstorms and oh did I mention it was 280 degrees? Lordy Lordy! Or that we had a wicked wicked storm last Friday that knocked out power for DAYS?  Yeah.... This was me last week:

Ok so here is what's coming!

Mondays:  Cricut Binder Project
Tuesdays:  Stamp Project
Wednesdays:  Cricut Binder Project
Thursday:  Pinterest Project
Friday:  Cricut Binder Project
Saturday: Other Cutter Project (Pazzles, Cameo, ecraft, etc)
Sunday:  Surprise Sunday - anything goes!

I will be handling Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. I have new guest designers that will handle the other projects so please give a warm welcome to Heather J, Heather S, Christie (my evil twin) and Terri who is an awesome demonstrator from Stamping UP (and I've been taking my classes from lately)

Be sure to show them some love but clearly I should get more then they do cause well....... I need it more  

While you are waiting for the new Kricut Krazy to kick off, please be sure to check out this SUPER crazy lady who has taken it upon herself to test out stuff from Pinterest and has plenty of photos and commentary to go along with it.  www.pintester.com  I think it's my new favorite blog!

See you tomorrow!

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Great to know that you are back!!:)Love the schedule...

  2. Wowsers! That's quite the line-up. Soooo looking forward to it!

    p.s. What super crazy lady??? Was there a link that I missed? (wouldn't surprise me! LOL)


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