News and Design Call!

Hello my Krazies!

I have a new schedule that will start July 1st and I'm VERY excited about it but I need YOUR help!  Christie decided I should do a design team call so that's what I'm gonna do!

Here is the new schedule:

Sundays - Pazzles Project
Mondays- Cricut Cartridge Project
Tuesdays - Stamped Project
Wednesdays Cricut Cartridge Project
Thursdays - Pinterest Project
Fridays   -   Cricut Card Project
Saturdays - Misc Project (from other cutting machines - any and all)

So, I will still be doing 3 Cricut Binder Cartridges a week.  But I'm adding the Stamped, Pazzles, Pinterest and Misc/Other projects.  On Sundays, I will do a project using my Pazzles, on Tuesdays I'll do a project using stamps as the main focus, on Thursdays I will do a project that I found on Pinterest and on Saturdays I will show a project from other cutters that we all use which includes all the cutters out there, your gypsy, Make the Cut & Sure Cuts a Lot as well as different embossing machines.  Pretty much Anything goes that doesn't fit in the other categories.  

Here's where my Krazies come in.  Clearly I can't do that all by myself and take care of life (don't you hate how that gets in the way all the time) so I'm looking for a handful of talented crafters to lend a hand.  I don't have anything to offer in return at the moment as I don't have my own stamp line or anything like that but I can figure out something.  I have an idea but have to give it some thought. Once I get the design team together we'll talk together about something that we can do that will make it worth your while.

If you are interested in being a part of the Design team please do the following:

1.  Do anything you wish with any of the categories listed above
2.  email photos of the project to tangee@kricutkrazy.com
3. Answer the following questions:
      a.  What is your go to tool?
      b.  What is your favorite color's at the moment
      c.  What do you do when you get crafters block?  Where do you find inspiration?
      d.  Why do you want to be a design team member?
      e.  If chosen, would you be able to post once a week or so?
      f.  If chosen would you like a Kricut Krazy email?  (name@kricutkrazy.com)
      g.  Do you have skype and would you be willing to use it time to time to talk to me or other crafters?

I hope to hear from you guys soon! I know that there are so many of you that I envy and get inspiration from.

Deadline is June 25.  Please be sure to put "Design Team Call" in the subject line of your email.

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. I am so glad you are still doing Cricut. I was afraid when you got your camero it would stop love the schedule!! can't wait.

  2. I am excited about your new schedule. I am new to Cricut, but I do love it. Can't wait to see your projects using it.


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