May 19 Happy Saturday!

Hello my Krazies!

I will have a project or Pazzles project for you later this evening. It's been a trying Saturday for me but I'm starting to feel better. I struggle with Fibromyalgia and usually it doesn't trouble me like it is today. I am in pain all of the time but it's manageable 80% of the time or so.

Hubby went to Costco and picked up nice steaks for dinner and 3  pair of snuggly socks for me to cheer me up. WOW I love that man of mine.

After dinner I'm making my way back into the craft room so be sure to check back for a fun post.

In the meantime can you follow me on Pinterest?  Click here to follow my Pinterest boards and here are a few fun websites to check out.

1.  Create a fun stick family for your blog (see mine below)  and it's FREE.  Choose how many are in your family then click on each individual person and click 'next person' until you get to the stick person/animal you want. Only took me 20 min to figure it out so I thought I'd tell you how to do it and save you the angst. You are welcome!  So what are you waiting for?  Create your stick family here!

2.  I found a very cool blog the other day. This lady Margaret has some pretty darn awesome ideas for storage and organization.  Click here to see Margaret's genius tricks

3.  So there is this frugal lady - some of you have probably heard of her - I hadn't.  She makes a lot of her own supplies with amazing results.  My favorite so far?  Make your own bakers twine!  Yep - I tried it and it worked beautifully. 2.99 for a roll of #10 cotton crochet thread and my pro markers (or copics or bic or whatever) and I have twine in any color I want - best part? A roll of that crochet thread will last you a coons age!

After you check out those cool websites be sure to remember who sent ya and come back here!  (I have abandonment issues LOL)

Happy Crafting my Krazies!  In case I never told ya, I appreciate you all SO much!

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Another OMG moment. I JUST showcased Margaret on my blog, too! How weird/cool is that, eh?

    I had been checking out YouTube vid's for storage ideas and found her blog and then. . . spotted my Cricut Cartridge CheckList on her YouTube vid. I felt verrrrrrry important. LOL

    She def. is one very talented crafty and organized gal!! :-)

    No need for me to follow you on Pinterest. I already have been. ;-)

    That was very sweet of your hubs to get you some cozy sockies. Hope you're feeling bettah!

  2. Oh!My!What great Tools!!!Thank you so much for sharing this!Love the idea on making my own Bakers Twine.Following you on Pinterest!!!Feel Better and Enjoy your Steaks!

  3. Will check out blogs! Thanks for the tip.
    How very sweet your husband is! Steaks - yum.
    hope you're feeling better
    i appreciate you and enjoy watching you working towards your goal of the eternal Cricut projects!!

  4. love the bakers twine idea, and as a crocheter, I have tons of thread already!


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