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May 13 Mothers Day! Cuttle Bug Storage

Happy Mothers day to all of you beautiful women!

I have had quite a few comments about this awesome storage for my cuttlebug folders so I figured I'd tell you how I did it.  All of my small folders and dies are actually hanging up on my Poor Girls Clip It Up system (I'll showcase that in another post)  but of course I can't clip up the 4x6's and 5x7's so I tried a few different ways of storing them.  I finally arrived at the one that worked for me.

In the wood section at Michaels (and Joanns) they have unfinished CD crates.  They are 4.99 (use a coupon to make it even cheaper) and I picked one up with plans to make it all purty and store my folders.  I worked on this a few weeks ago when Christy was taking a coons age to finish ONE project and I had already done all of mine.  She kept interrupting me and telling me what I should and shouldn't do with the polka dots and blah blah - I finally threw something at her and told her to mind her own bees wax. Sheesh

So I picked up 2 bottles of paint for a buck or so and set about painting the sides green and the front and back pink.    After that dried I modge podged the circles all over.  Next day I cut card stock a smidge larger than 5x7 and made folders.  there ya have it.  Believe it or not there are about 25 folders in that box and room for tons more!

If you decide you want to try this method - have fun painting and making it your own - then please send me a photo as I'd love to see what you came up with.

Sorry, I have no idea why on earth I can't align that first paragraph - it won't budge from the center.

Have a fabulous day ladies (and gents) See you tomorrow :)

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. OH!You are tough...LOL...I love it!I dont have a storage place for my Cuttlebug Folders,they are still in the box they came in.TFS...I am going to try to make one.

  2. LOVE IT!!! so on my summer list

  3. Very cool idea Tangee. I have some of those crates that I used to keep my Distress inks in before I outgrew them. Happy Mother's Day to you !

  4. This is a very cute idea. I don't have a cuttlebug :-( but love this anyhow.

  5. This is a very cute idea. I don't have a cuttlebug :-( but love this anyhow.

  6. Looooove how you decorated that box. Super cute!!! TFS! :-)

  7. Looooove how you decorated that box. Super cute!!! TFS! :-)

  8. Fabulous storage box, Tanjee. Love the colors and the polka dots!

  9. I wonder if my close to my heart stamp sets would fit in this!


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