Lil Extra Organizing Post

Hey Krazies -

So, I got that funky spinner thing from Michaels for 50% off then 25% off figuring I could use it cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Poor Girls Clip It Up.  I totally should do a post on that ya think?  Anyway - this one from Michaels after discounts was like 11 bucks or something and it's designed to go in the jet max spinner thingy that holds tools.  (I'm glad I'm so technical) 

But - I didn't like it. what ya gonna hang on there with a whopping 3" clearance?  So I put it on the side figuring I'd find someone that wanted it. 

I have 3 drawers or ribbons - 2 are full of ribbons on spools and the 3rd has ribbon I've gotten at crops, parts of ribbon, you know - that kinda stuff. So yesterday I had put them on ribbon plastic things and threw them back in the drawer. Last nite I thought "hmmmm wonder if it would look on on that spinner thinger?"

And I started putting them on there.

Now I need more clips cause I'm totally out  -

This is not ALL of my ribbon - it's spare ribbon or ribbon in tiny packages. But it works..... for now.

What ya think?

Also I had the great idea to put cork on the sides of my spinner thingy - yeah - dumb idea. Cork too thin for any pin they sell on the planet - AND does not stick well. So now it's just blank.

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Great Idea for the ribbons!I usually place them inside a decor Coffee Can!!!TFS

  2. Hi Tangee, i have this same rack and I love mine!!! I use it to hang cards I just finished or small stamp sets, templates, just about everything small!! It'll grow on ya!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama

  3. I think this is a great idea! Christina

  4. Love your ribbon organizer. I'm glad you found a use for it. Great idea.

  5. You are right, they don't give you much room to hang much of anything but I think its a great idea to use for ribbons, tfs

  6. Glad you made use of it. I have never purchaed one like this before because I just look at it and frustrated. Seems to cumbersome for me, but looks like it will work great for your ribbon.

  7. Tangee, I have the same gadget. What I did w/ mine was to put the bottom ring down further, so there's more clearance on the top ring. Does that make any sense?? LOL This way, the bottom ring thingies don't hit the stuff that's in the bottom unit. Yeh, I know, clear as mud, right? LOL

    Anyway, on another note, I'm getting the shoe tree thingie today and I'm going to turn that into a homemade clip-it-up. :-)

    What poor girl's clip-it-up do you have? I would love to see a post on it. :-)

  8. You're always thinking, Tangee. Great idea and it puts those ribbons in an easy place to reach!

  9. I'm just starting to use ribbons, this is good idea.


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