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Craft Room Makeover

Hey Krazies!

We had a great time at the Baltimore Crop last weekend, it took a few days to recover!  I don't have any photos to post yet, waiting for Tammy and Rita to share them.  Came home with some cool new things, a few projects done and bets of all, more friends!  Well, I didn't bring my new friends home, but you know what I mean :)

Still haven't decided a winner of Best of Pixar Cartridge but I will in the next few days - I've got a lot on my plate right now.  Yesterday I woke up to severe pain in my left knee. By days end I couldn't walk so hubby took me to the doc and apparently I have torn my meniscus and am now sporting a brace from thigh to ankle and a nifty pair of crutches.  I go back to work Thursday and I was supposed to be resting today.  A few times when the pain meds were working I went in and organized.

I bought a bunch of the cool cubes at Michaels and hubby made me a desk top and wow what a difference!  The only thing we were not able to do was…

Baltimore Area Cricut Circle Crop

We are having a fantastic time at the Cricut Circle Crop this weekend - so much so that we are already talking about another one - but this time it will be for ALL Cricut lovers  YAY!

We were up until the wee hours chit chatting and getting to know one another, sharing stories, checking out the cool stuff all the other crafters had and having a blast with Janna from Provo Craft.

Tammy, Rita and I are becoming quick friends (well we were already friends, we're becoming better friends) and enjoying our time together.

I will be posting about the crop later in the week - come on back and see what I decided to work on and if you won!

We did run out of gift bags when there were 3 last minute add on's and 1 person that showed up without a ticket.  But, we'll still make cool duplicate items to share with the winners.

See you soon!

March is here! (read the entire post to find a hidden contest!

Yeah!  I love March - There are several reasons.

#1  My birthday is the 8th and I LOVE birthdays cause that means PRESENTS and I LOVE presents!
#2  St. Patricks Day - I don't drink green beer (or any beer for that matter, I'm a foo foo drink girl)
#3  Spring is on it's way!

This year I have another reason to love March.  On March 11 a bunch of Cricut Circle Members along with Janna from Provo Craft are going to have a big ole crop party.  If you are in the Baltimore area come join us next weekend!  Check out the Cricut Circle Message board for more information would LOVE to see you there. While everyone else is doing scrapbook pages - I'm doing cards and stuffs. I hope to have lots of stuff to share with you guys.

Tammy has not posted in over a week because her baby is sick.  Jeremy has a nasty ear infection and Tammy didn't get sleep for 4 days!  He's on antibiotics now and already showing signs of improvement so hang in there - you will hear from her and see …