My rant about ebates.com


I'll have a video for you tomorrow - I wanted to have it for you tonite but got tied up.  I'm going to show you how to decorate glass and plastic bulbs with fine glitter and el cheapo Hair Spray - fast and fun!

In the meantime let me complain about ebates. As you guys are aware I usually try to get my friends to sign up and often tell you about deals I get with them and how they put cash in my paypal account every coupla months.

Well, Last year I spent a bunch with HSN.com and never got my credit for it - they said it was because I used a coupon code and saved money so I disqualified myself from the rebate.  Ok so moving right along I spend 163 bucks at petmeds.com and was supposed to get a 12% rebate from them but because I used a 5 dollar off coupon code I don't get the 20.00 rebate.  Needless to say I'm pissed.  So I wrote them and told them so and someone named "Caleb" probably not his real name told me that they never offered a 5 dollar off code and I'm not getting the rebate. So I told him he wins, I'm moving on to mypoints.com instead.  I was using them for EVERYTHING I bought online - not anymore - see ya ebates!

Happy Turkey y'all!


  1. Good for you!! let me know what you think about the new company! BTW I gave you a blog award on my blog! Thanks!

  2. ok girl.....you know petmeds is bad news, my vet showed me tons of papers where they have been sued, he will match any price they have too, anyways stop stealing my posts LOL...IM doing the glitter ball thing tomorrow night!!LOL

  3. I use mypoints for all my shopping too.


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