How I spent my two days off - and a view of THE RING


  1. I am so glad you are back, I really missed you. Very beautiful ring. Where can I get one? I love the tags and the snowmen. I don't think they are too big for the tag it is okay if they hang off a little, gives it character. I would simply use what you have so far and then make the rest smaller if that is the look you are going for. Can't wait to see a video when you are all done with them.


  2. your a nut! but I like ya LOL... hey I think those snowmen are perfect for the tag....dont scale it down !!!! glad to "see" you again !!!

  3. Haha I LOVE your ring. I was laughing because I always look at these women's rings in their videos and am like wow I could never do a video since my ring would not measure up :) hehe I am concentrating on the ring instead of scrapbooking. Anyways. I like the tags so far and I like that size of the snowman.

  4. love the bling!! too funny!

    I think you should still use the snowmen on those tags.. you can never do anything wrong when scrapping!


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