who loves owls?

The main reason I purchased Cindy Loo was for this adorable Owl !! But after getting it this cartridge is beautiful, I love the font as well !!! I also used Kassies Brocade Cuttlebug folder.

Enjoy~ michelle


  1. Hi Tangee!!
    I love your Owl card I have that cart also but I have a hard time getting to use all my 26 cartridges, I get a bit overwhelmed...LOL I have not seen you on the circle forum lately? I hope that things are ok? I sure hope so! Hope to see you in the circle soon!!

    Lavendergal (Rexann)

  2. How beautiful! I love the button!!! :) So cute, TFS!

  3. Tangee, I think I "take the cake" for loving owls. I started verrrrrry young --- in having an owl bank, instead of a piggy bank. Then, I started collecting the li'l critters. Have a whole slew of them!! :-)

    Anyway I digress --- I really wanted to just say that your card is simply beautiful!!!! TFS! :-)

  4. omg!...SHE IS SO CUTE! I love her eyes. :)
    tfs and have a great day.


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