Oh lordy lordy

Krazies -

I am SO very sorry.  My 3 days off flew by and I had so much going on with my mom those 3 days that I couldn't even sit at the computer for very long much less have fun with my cricut.  I will try to do better :(

To my Create a Critter Cartridge winner, I still have not sent out your package but hope to in the next few days. I will send some extra goodies for you when I do!

Thank you all for your patience and kindness and your loyalty to Kricut Krazy!

Love and Hugs to you all!


  1. Sounds like you were having fun! It's hard for most of us to believe, but there are other things we should sometimes do with our time besides crafting! LOL My house will tell you that.

  2. Oh, sorry if the stuff going on with your mom was not fun. My first read it sounded like a visit but, anyway, bah.

  3. I guess your forgiven...this time LOL

  4. I have so many project ideas when I get the cartridge. Hope you had fun with your Mom.


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