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Hi Krazies!

As you can see I just revamped the blog with the help of my graphic genius friend Gold Shoes Tish.  She is a long time friend and sadly is not into paper crafting any more - which is a shame because she does beautiful stuff! Thank you Tish!

I'd like your honest opinion.  Can you leave me a comment on this post and let me know what you think? Is it easy to read? Is the font too large?  What do you think of the banner across the top?  What do you think of the added pages?

A small token of my appreciation will go to one of you who leave a comment. I'll do a drawing and upload a pic of your present sometime during the weekend.

Thank you!

Hugs & Chirps :)


  1. Everything looks wonderful!! Love it and I like the larger font size!

  2. The pictures in the banner are a little blurry but not so much you can't see what they are. Also, on my computer, the banner block goes out a little bit on the right. That said, I love it! The font is good, very clear to read. Cute Kricut Krazy girl too.

  3. I like it, I like your banner, but I think honestly your page needs some more color. Maybe I just like color :D IDk. BUt other than that I love it.

  4. I really like the color scheme and the font. The banner across the top looks a little blury....maybe enlarged a bit too much, but other than that, I think it looks fabulous!!

  5. T, I love your graphics. Some think the banner looks blurry but it looks fine to me (but then again, my eyes are getting old, lol). I like the newly added pages, too. Congrats on your blog awards!

  6. I like the banner. Not a fan of the mauve color. The font size is awesome.

  7. You blog is really cool. I will be following. I am sure my blog could use a little work.

    Look forward to more fun.

  8. I like it! It loads very quickly (always a plus). I'd have to agree with a few of the others - I think the pictures are a little blurry. Reading through the Title part (Binder Projects one cricut cartridge at a time), it puts the wrong emphasis on the phrase; if you moved the word 'one' down to the next line it would make the phrase read a little smoother or you could just add a dash '-' after 'Binder Projects'(did that make sense). Just out of curiosity, can the Contact Me form be higher up on the page (I had to scroll a bit). I hope that wasn't too honest!!!!! Forgive me if it was!!!!!!

  9. I think it is great. Did not notice any blurry pictures until it was pointed out.

  10. Everything looks fine. The font size is great.

  11. I like it and love the font size! I find it easy to navigate. I would like to see a subscribe by email option or did I miss it.

  12. It looks great! Love the white background - makes it very easy to read. :-)

  13. The banner is not centered at the top. Maybe that is what is making it a bit blurry? You are way ahead of me girl-I need to get to work! I really love what you have done.

  14. I actually like the blurry look and you could maybe carry that in your side bars. I would love to be able to build banners.

    Great Job!


  15. The font is perfect. I think with the whole thing white, the things to the left & right of your postings all blends in with each other. Also the headings (Home, Blog Awards, My Favorite Places) is too small and not easy to see, plus it needs to be centered. The Kricut Krazy banner is too busy and should be another color. I'd also put the Cricut & Cuttlebug videos near the top.

  16. It all looks great and it loads fast. I think the banner is good, make no changes.

  17. WOW! Thank you guys for your honest feedback. Gold Shoes Tish is going to work on it tonite and loves the comments. Michele - when you said the postings blend with each other - did you mean that is good, or should I put separators up?

    Keep them coming you guys!

  18. looks good girl.....however is their a way to crispen the pictures? I think that would make the world of difference, maybe some cute paper but not too wild behind it? you dont want to take away from the pics....does that help?

  19. Tangee, Great job!!!Hmmmm must be a different person than the one I met in L.A., who wanted to make a blog! AMAZING! I liked it before, but now it is even better! Congrats!!!


Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback! Have a great day :)

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