Wedding Card Box

Here is a box I did for a friends wedding last weekend. Not much Cricut related but I love how it turned out. I bought the box itself at either Joann's or Mikes - I forget which.  Hubby took all the hardware off and I covered it inside and out with the Bride's colors.  The ribbon and embellishments were actually hand picked by the bride for a future wedding scrapbook page, she didn't know I picked up the same thing to do this box LOL (I'm so sneaky sometimes!  Hubby put the hardware back on and I decorated it and she LOVED it. She used it instead of the bird cage card holder thingy ma bob.  Just wanted to share   Oh - inside it says "Kristen and Phillip July 24, 2010  Two Shall Become One - which was done with the Gypsy and Cricut - but alas, you can't see it and apparently she is too damn busy on her  honeymoon to take a picture for me. :)


  1. How rude of her - I mean seriously!!! Too busy to take a picture for you!!! :) Beautiful box!!! TFS!

  2. very cute! love the colors tangee!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Love all the ideas.

  4. this is a pretty box. If you changed the colors it could be very "twilight"


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