The projects are rolling in!

Hey Krazies!

I've got lots of projects to upload!  Not only did I do one today, but I have a good dozen more to upload from Guest Designers.  Starting tomorrow I will upload mine and then 2 guest designers.  I need to space them out so you keep coming back for more!

Also wanted to let you know that there is a super secret giveaway going on somewhere on the blog. I will draw the winner on Friday.

Tomorrow I will post another super secret giveaway. Please do not spoil the fun and tell everyone if you find it.  I will give you a hint, the super secret giveaway is hidden somewhere in MY project uploads (not guest)  Again there is only one at the moment. The other will be posted tomorrow. Good Luck!

Oh one more secret - I heard from a lil cricket that there will be a very small window of opportunity for folks to join the cricket circle starting next week. Keep your eye out on cricut.com and I'll post it here as well as soon as it's official!

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