I got a new toy today!

I went to Costco today to get stuff for our party tomorrow and while browsing I saw this mini HD Flip Video camera and remembered the embarrassing quality video I uploaded earlier today.  I was thinking "Wow, I can actually video the Projects instead of taking a still photo.  I figured the Krazies would love videos.  So here you have it. Ain't it cute?  Wonder if they sell skins for it?

It is normally 149.99 but today was the last day of Costco's coupon's and there was one in there for 20.00 off WOOT! I love a bargain don't you?


  1. I have a Flip Ultra and love it. It's so easy to use! ENJOY!

  2. Good Luck with your new Flip, I sold alot of them when we carried them at work, and peope usually had good results!

  3. I have a friend that has one. We play with it all the time. I was thinking about getting one for my husband for his birthday.

  4. ohhhhh!!! I would love to get myself one!! They look like so much fun!

  5. this camera seems to be the camera of choice for many bloggers! the quality that i have seen explains why. you are quite the techie with that iphone app downloading cart books, i wish!!!


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