Winter Woodland Cartridge

This is the Winter Woodland Cartridge Sample. I followed the directions down to the glitter.  I did this a few days ago and STILL find glitter on the back of a nail, on an eyelash, my earlobe and various places thru out my Craft "Studio"  I used Spray Glitter in a can - gray, I don't know the name and I'm too lazy to slide the cabinet door open and get it.  Ok ok, I did.  It's Glitterama Floral Craft and Party Silver Spray.  It cost 3.24 at Walmart about oh 8-10 years ago and still works just fine.  This was a fun lil project and it's really cute.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  Altho the word Greetings was separated GREET INGS  I have no idea why but you can see my shaky lil hands did not do a good job lining it up.  I suck that way.  Shrug...

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