Paisley Cartridge Project

This is too cute but was a little confusing. First the directions tell you to cut a 4" giraffe.  Did that and it was almost taller than the card so I scaled down to 3"  The layering is not obvious so you have to squint at their tiny picture to figure out what goes where.  Buty the end result was a super cute birthday card. Altho my bows/ribbons look injured and I didn't have wide brown ribbon I think it all worked out ok - what about you?

Next 3 carts

Next up Paper Pups
Paper Doll Dress Up
Mini Monsters


  1. I like this card it is sooo cute! I'll be back to check on your next project. I became a follower. I just started my blog too I think demonstating the provo craft products gave me the push I needed(as well as my eight year old!LOL).


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