Operation Organization!

I've had quite a few requests asking how I store stuff so I thought I'd share a few tips with you. I'll be back on the cartridge challenge in the next few days.
Sticker/Embellishment File

This is a crate filing thingy from Walmart - 5 bucks maybe? I have 3 paper pads in the back and a cardboard backing 12x12 on the top of the files.  I keep that there to keep dust and cat hair away from my embellishments.

 As you can see I have hanging files and then folders with categories.  Pets, Seasons, Holidays, etc.  I just came up with this system yesterday. Before that all my stuff was thrown in drawers labeled 'embellishments' and I got tired of rooting thru them for what I wanted. Now I can find them WOOT!

Lil Clippy Thingies
Look at those cute lil clips (click photo to enlarge)  I put 2 on  my paper stand for scissors and foam squares.  On the side I put one to hold older mats I need to recondition.  The 2nd photo shows 2 more clips for scissors and a ruler.  These are 3M and I found them in the picture hanging section at Target.  They have foam tape on the back that sticks to the wall and won't damage it (so it says)  6 of these hooks were 4 bucks and some change.
Which brings me to Ribbon - I need a new system people.  Look in the picture above and see 4 stacks of ribbons but that's not all I also  have 2 12x12 drawers full and my hanging rod is FULL.  What is my obsession with ribbon now?  If you have a suggestion I'd love to hear it.

Wanna see my favorite new organization thingy?  This is a photo album from Target, 6.99.  I bought it thinking that I could put my cuttlebug folders in it but the sleeves were too small for the A2 folders. So I did this instead...

But I think I may have too many - cause here is what it looks like closed:

How do you organize your scraps?  I bought a 12x12 accordion file and it's getting mighty full! I have it separated by colors.

 I love the 12x12 drawers at Target - I have had 2 sets (under my desk) for YEARS and yesterday I bought 3 more sets. I would have bought more but they didn't have any more.  But looky looky!

And finally - my storage 'system' for cuttlebug embossing folders.  What do you do with yours?

There you have it - would love to know what you do. Please send your links or photos.



  1. Great ideas. I will definitly use some of these.

  2. Soooo organized - love it !
    Might grab a few of those bins from WMart*

  3. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I am moving house in 2 weeks and have to set up a new scraproom so all ideas are great.


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